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We offer a variety of Microscopes for sale including Compound Microscopes for Medical, Educational, Professional and Hobby purposes for the student, doctor and researcher; Digital Microscopes for any application; Digital Microscope Cameras & Adapters to connect to any of our compound or stereo microscopes; Stereo Microscopes for hobby, education, medical and industry purposes; Special Application Microscopes including Mohs,Gemological, Phase, Polarizing and Asbestos; Surgical

Microscopes for Opthamology, Dental or ENT; Antique Microscopes for the serious collector; and a wide range of Pre-Owned Microscopes for sale for extra value. We specialize in microscopes and microscope parts and have been in the industry for over 30 years. We look forward to be of service to our international customers as well! Please remember we are focused on our customers' satisfaction!

Please contact us anytime of the day to address microscope inquiries. We guarantee a reply within 48 hours. We are one of the only full service microscope companies online that offers in house microscope repair as well as field Microscope Service.

Whether you're considering information on Selecting a Microscope, Rentals, Free Service Protection Guarantee, or locating that hard to find Part or Bulb Request we are ready to help. We guarantee to beat any price, just let us know.