A Closer Look at Optika Microscopes

Optika microscopes have built a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and New York Microscope Company is proud to have the opportunity to act as the exclusive agent for these products in North America. Optika continues to deliver extremely clear visuals and accessories that make the products easy and comfortable to use over extended periods of observation.

The Optika Brand

Over the years, Optika has become the largest manufacturer of microscopes in Italy and throughout most of Europe, despite the amount of competition from other well-known companies in Japan and Europe.

Optika produces around 80 various microscope models that can be used in several industries, including:

  • Educational microscopes
  • Industrial microscopes
  • Laboratory microscopes
  • Digital microscopes

This company takes many steps to ensure the level of quality in their products. First, most of their microscopes are made in Italy in factories that have achieved ISO9001 certification. On top of that, each product is assembled according to the best technical standards before a team of specialists actually tests each one before it is shipped out.

Optika built its reputation by focusing on innovative technology, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. More importantly, it is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and has a history of evolving its products based on customer requests.

In the end, what you get is a high-quality microscope, a range of useful accessories, and some surprisingly competitive prices.

As Your Exclusive Source for Optika Microscopes

As the exclusive agent in North America for these products, New York Microscope Company is dedicated to ensuring your experience purchasing these microscopes matches the quality of the product. Generally, all Optika microscopes and accessories will ship within two weeks, and we’ll work closely with you if you have any specific inquiries about custom configurations, quotes, or any other necessary support.

We also offer our Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope, so you can confidently place your order.

We’re even offering a special on some popular Optika models right now, so check them out and get 20% off your new microscope while supplies last.

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