Pre-Owned Product of the Month: ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS Gemological Microscope


This month, we’re highlighting the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS gemological microscope. With its newly designed optical system, ergonomic design and high-quality manufacturing, this reconditioned ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS is a wonderful deal for jewelers.

Let’s learn more about the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS gemological microscope and why it’s our pre-owned product of the month.

Why We Love the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS Gemological Microscope

The ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS is a stereo microscope, meaning that rather than light transferring through the object of observation, light is reflected on the surface of the object. As such, it provides a low level of magnification that is acceptable for non-microscopic specimens such as gems!

It uses two separate optical paths and objectives to provide a slightly different angle to each eye of the user, creating a stunning three-dimensional image of the sample.

While it can be used for a variety of applications, the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS gemological microscope is especially well-suited to the field of gemology. Professionals in the jewelry industry can use this microscope to grade gemstones, evaluate gemstones and demonstrate to customers.

All in all, this microscope is a perfect example of high quality at a low price point. And, although there are plenty of features that make the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS stand out, we think these are particularly noteworthy:

    • Conveniently modular design
    • Rugged and airtight build
    • Greenough optical system
    • Cutting-edge optical coatings for exceptionally clear images
    • Trinocular viewing head
    • Trinocular viewing body to accept a digital camera
  • Tilting and rotating frame
  • Widefield 15x focusable eyepieces
  • 0.8x-3.5x zoom objective
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Diffused stage plate in the base for even illumination
  • Dual focusing knobs with adjustable tension control
  • Included dust cover, eyeguard and instruction manual

ACCU-SCOPE: The Brand Behind the Product

ACCU-SCOPE is a cutting-edge manufacturer of a wide range microscopes and microscope accessories.

Established in the 1920s, ACCU-SCOPE microscopes is one of the oldest microscope manufacturers in the United States. Today, it’s owned and operated in the United States, and subjects each of its microscopes to rigorous testing and inspection upon receipt in its New York warehouse.

Thanks to their high standards of quality, extensive experience and competitive prices, ACCU-SCOPE competes with some of the largest microscope manufacturers in the world.

New York Microscope Company is proud to provide its customers with an array of ACCU-SCOPE’s precision engineered microscopes and accessories.

You can purchase the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-GS gemological microscope for the discounted price of $2,237 from New York Microscope Company.