Who is Responsible for Buying PPE

The process of buying PPE has changed drastically for hospitals, doctors, and organizations as they continue to face issues with low supply and inability to restock in time.

PPE Removal Order: How to Remove PPE Correctly

The removal or doffing of PPE is just as important to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has provided these two doffing sequences, both of which will keep you free from contamination and keep all of your patients safe.

Why Is PPE Important?

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is important for all essential employees, because it acts as a barrier between you and viral and bacterial contaminants coming from respiratory secretions, blood, and other body fluids. Using PPE properly can help minimize exposure risk from injury or the spread of infection or illness, including COVID-19.

Best Microscopes for the Classroom

Choosing the right microscope for your classroom is hugely important. To help you do your research, here some things to consider when deciding on which microscope best fits your needs.

Top Microscope Manufacturers

Finding the right microscope brand can be tricky but as technology continues to advance, high-performance microscopes have become more affordable than ever. In this guide, we provide you with 6 affordable manufacturers to get you started.

Recommended Portable Microscopes

Portable microscopes make it easier than ever to study specimens or surface details in almost any setting. Check out these options for students, researchers, and technicians of any level.

3 Best Microscopes for Kids

When you buy the right microscope for your child, you’re marking the beginning of a lifetime journey. Find the perfect starter microscope for any child by checking out our guide.

History of the Microscope

Microscopes are an important invention that is still relied heavily upon today across many different industries. The history of the microscope spans hundreds of years, and the famous device has gone through many variations as it evolved.

Microscopes for Industrial Applications

Microscopes find use in a variety of settings besides clinical and pathological applications. Many industries use microscopes for various purposes such as inspection, quality control, measuring, soldering, and manufacturing processes. Types of Industrial Microscopes The type of microscopes used depends on the type of industry and technical requirements. New York Microscope Company offers many different …

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