The Compound Microscope and Romanticism

One of the most famous poems ever written about the natural world is Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” The simple poem details a portrait landscape of the world from the eyes of a wanderer in the clouds. It represents our connection with nature and strongly reaffirms the Romantics’ views on nature, as well […]

How the Microscope Is the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

In a previous blog, we discussed how science majors are paid more than students of other majors. However, the shortage of science majors in this country is forcing companies to search elsewhere for qualified applicants for these well-paying positions. The chief complaint for many former science majors who ditch the microscope is the difficulty of […]

Why a Microscope is a Jobseeker’s Best Friend

Those who think that a liberal arts degree is the key to opening doors in many fields may want to pull out a microscope instead. Prospective employers are increasingly looking for those in the science and technology fields to fill in slots. According to a New York Times report earlier this month, graduates in the […]

A Brief History of the Light Microscope

How old is the light microscope? It may be older than you think. For centuries, philosophers and researchers have tried to find a way to discover the hidden world that surrounds us each day. It surrounds us, but we can’t see it because it’s too small to view from the naked eye. This changed once […]

What makes compound microscopes so special?

Modern day compound microscope can magnify an object to a thousand times its original size. It can distinguish objects placed as closely as 0.1 micrometers. Multiple convex lenses lined at accurate distances are placed in this microscope to achieve greatest magnification, which is not producible by a single lens. One of the lenses is placed […]

Inverted microscopes – extending the benefits of light microscope

Typically, a lab specimen is first made to undergo certain procedure to prepare it for observation. After going through the process, organism loses its life, which eventually produces inaccurate results. This is how it happens when using a conventional microscope. This disadvantage was overcome by light microscope. What light microscope does is that it allows […]

How to take good care of your compound microscope?

Compound microscope is used for different purposes and it comes with two or more convex lenses. It gives an opportunity for a thorough study of microorganisms, cells and tissues in a two dimensional image. Compound microscopes are delicate instruments, and it is critically vital to handle these tools with extreme caution. Hence, if you are transporting […]

How to Choose a Child’s Microscope

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and even in their early years they can start to develop a deep interest in science and discovery. You can encourage their interests in these activities early on with a simple and fun tool—a microscope. A microscope can open up a whole new world for children […]

A Closer Look at Optika Microscopes

Optika microscopes have built a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and New York Microscope Company is proud to have the opportunity to act as the exclusive agent for these products in North America. Optika continues to deliver extremely clear visuals and accessories that make the products easy and comfortable to use over extended periods […]