Best Microscopes for the Classroom

Choosing the right microscope for your classroom is hugely important. To help you do your research, here some things to consider when deciding on which microscope best fits your needs.

Top Microscope Manufacturers

Finding the right microscope brand can be tricky but as technology continues to advance, high-performance microscopes have become more affordable than ever. In this guide, we provide you with 6 affordable manufacturers to get you started.

Recommended Portable Microscopes

Portable microscopes make it easier than ever to study specimens or surface details in almost any setting. Check out these options for students, researchers, and technicians of any level.

3 Best Microscopes for Kids

When you buy the right microscope for your child, you’re marking the beginning of a lifetime journey. Find the perfect starter microscope for any child by checking out our guide.

Industrial Microscopes

Microscopes find use in a variety of settings besides clinical and pathological applications. Many industries use microscopes for various purposes such as inspection, quality control, measuring, soldering, and manufacturing processes. Types of Industrial Microscopes The type of microscopes used depends on the type of industry and technical requirements. New York Microscope Company offers many different …

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What is a Fluorescence Microscope?

What is a Fluorescence Microscope? A fluorescence microscope is used to study organic and inorganic samples. Fluorescence microscopy uses fluorescence and phosphorescence to examine the structural organization, spatial distribution of samples. It is particularly used to study samples that are complex and cannot be examined under conventional transmitted-light microscope. Fluorescence microscopy images helps to study …

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What is a Digital Microscope?

A digital microscope is a variation of a traditional optical microscope in which a digital/microscope camera is connected, and image output is displayed on a screen and/or monitor. Most models include software and a computer for use.

What is a Stereo Microscope?

A stereo microscope is an optical microscope that provides a three-dimensional view of a specimen. It is also known by other names such as dissecting microscope and stereo zoom microscope.