LABOMED Microscopes

Labomed microscopes have been recognized for more than 60 years for their high quality, precision craftsmanship, and excellent durability. Living by the rule of “the best or nothing,” Labomed customers can be assured they’re getting the finest quality at a great price.

These microscopes are sold at one of the best price-to-performance ratios in the microscope industry, making them a popular choice for the fields of medicine, dentistry, and life science.

Why Choose Labomed

Using distinguished operating and manufacturing practices, Labomed microscopes are produced under strict quality control parameters. This allows Labomed to produce microscopes that have some of the best visual clarity in the industry. Each microscope is designed with the user in mind, ensuring consistency from start to finish.

Labomed is constantly innovating to push the boundaries on microscope innovation. They also offer superior product support, further increasing the value of owning a Labomed microscope. As four-time Red Dot Design Award winners, Labomed sets itself apart as a microscope company that provides both style and vision.

Our Labomed Microscope Models

New York Microscope Company offers a variety of the finest Labomed microscope models for all of your medical and scientific needs. Choose from popular models like the Labomed Microscope LX400 Binocular and other models, including the CXL Monocular, Stereo, and Live Blood Cell Analysis.

We offer Labomed microscopes at competitive prices, and we’re the only microscope company to offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope.

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