LW Scientific Microscopes

New York Microscope Company is pleased to offer LW Scientific Microscopes. The ever-popular Revelation III, I4, M2, MI5 are available in the following configurations; biological, fluorescence, semen analysis with heated stage, embryo and, polarizing for rheumatology applications. The LW Scientific CZ4 stereo microscopes are available on heavy-duty articulating arm stands, great for inspection and quality control. Just released is the LW Scientific i4 DNA Fragmentation (TUNEL Assay) Microscope with Minivid Wif 5MP Digital Camera for genetic, DNA testing. All of the LW Scientific Microscopes are available in trinocular configurations. Simply adding the c mount adapter will allow the best selling MiniVid Wifi and BioView Digital Cameras to be connected to any of the LW Microscopes.

Please contact New York Microscope Company for any LW Scientific Microscope inquiries, custom configurations, quantity discounts or support required at 877-877-7274 or info@nyscopes.com.

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