Olympus Microscopes

Olympus microscopes are high quality world renown instruments that are also quite affordable. Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals, these optical instruments are available in various sizes and magnifying strengths. Some of the more popular models are favored by educational institutions because of their ease of use and consistent performance.

Microscope International stocks not only the latest models but also offers rebuilt Olympus microscopes at fantastic savings. These Olympus microscopes can be purchased with a full capability field kit, offering an affordable package including the microscope, necessary tools, accessories, and maintenance items.

Popular Uses For Olympus Models

Many of the available Olympic microscope units are built for use in laboratories or schools and offer superb quality optical performance for life science analysis applications. They are designed with stereo zoom, a sturdy base and excellent focusing ability. Olympus models generally feature low position controls for ease of operation, have sharply tilted heads that are completely adjustable, and accept a wide variety of lenses and eyepieces.

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