Scienscope Microscopes

The ScienScope MAC3 & MZ7A Micro and Macro Inspection Series, SSZ-II and NZ is one of our premiere Industrial System Packages. New additions to Scienscope family are the E Series – common main objective, EL mini series stereo and the Vizor series digital inspection systems. These round out the robust selection of optical inspection systems for any demanding industrial environment seeking accuracy and quality control at affordable prices.

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All of these Sciencescope microscope models are available with digital and video HDMI cameras, HDMI monitors, including a wide variety of stands, (boom, sliding, flexible, post stand, extended post stands & heavy duty stands) illuminators, eyepieces, supplemental/auxiliary lenses and accessories enhance the modular configuration. These Scienceope industrial microscope systems can be viewed through the microscope or directly onto the HDMI monitor or simultaneously.

These Scienscope general purpose stereo, optical and video systems are valuable tools for documentation and communication of defects, process issues, and solutions for the electronics and PCB industries with a commitment to quality, value, and support.

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