Which Digital Microscope is Most Suitable for my Application?

First, determine the general application, for viewing slides a compound digital microscope is required whereas for viewing large or gross specimens a stereo digital microscope is the correct choice.

Do you want one that is all in one, meaning the camera is (dedicated) part of the microscope and can not be removed. ..these are found in the Digital USB Microscope Section….The advantages are these less confusion, no removable parts and are less expensive.

The other type is our packaged systems, meaning the microscopes, digital adapters and cameras are selected to achieve the best results, these are found in our Digital Microscope Package Section. These are more expensive, generally higher quality, more accessories are available and noteworthy is if either component breaks down they are independent of each other…so, if the camera stops working the microscope still functions and visa versa….however in the Digital USB Microscope section, (all in one)….if there is a breakdown the entire unit is out of commission.

In each of these categories there are further subcategories to your specific application….ie in compound section, do I want, phase contrast, florescence, metallurgical, polarizing, or brightfield? etc…or in the stereo microscope section, do I want one on a boom stand, plain focus stand,, etc…All are equipped with the necessary illumination.

Digital USB Microscope Digital Microscope Package