How the Microscope Is the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime


In a previous blog, we discussed how science majors are paid more than students of other majors. However, the shortage of science majors in this country is forcing companies to search elsewhere for qualified applicants for these well-paying positions. The chief complaint for many former science majors who ditch the microscope is the difficulty of the coursework. These students are ill-prepared for the major, get discouraged, and eventually quit. Like any other difficult educational endeavor, starting out young may be the best way to develop a love of science that will help the student stick with it past the college level.

The holiday season is upon us. If you would like to encourage your child’s interest in science, have you ever considered putting a microscope under the tree? A student monocular microscope from Microscope International may be the perfect gift for those who wish to learn more about humans and the things around us. We have a variety of student monocular microscopes that are designed for students in earlier grades. Each microscope is carefully crafted and representative of the quality that comprises the Microscope International collection of microscopes and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for a Steindorff EZ Scope, Steindorff S3085L Monocular Microscope, or other microscope designed for K-8 students, you can find these and more at Microscope International. Our staff of experts is dedicated to helping customers of all skill levels and needs find the best microscopes for them. We specialize in microscope retail and repair, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. The gift of learning is a gift that can last a lifetime. Find the perfect gift for the little scientist in your home at Microscope International.


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