How to take good care of your compound microscope?

Compound microscope is used for different purposes and it comes with two or more convex lenses. It gives an opportunity for a thorough study of microorganisms, cells and tissues in a two dimensional image.

Compound microscopes are delicate instruments, and it is critically vital to handle these tools with extreme caution. Hence, if you are transporting it from one place to another, make sure that you pick it and walk with it. It is recommended to grab it with the arm and place your other hand on the bottom of the base.

If you are about to start your work using this equipment, place it on a secure table free from any kind of vibrations. To avoid a sudden fall, always keep it away from edges of your table.

If you are planning to clean it, you better never touch the lenses with your fingers. Always use lens paper to clean the glass, because body produces oil that can stain or scratch the glass. In order to clean the surface of the equipment, you should always use a damp cloth. If you are not using it, do not forget to cover it.

Remember, if you break it, you have to buy a new one. Hence, handle this equipment carefully to avoid breakage as it can cost you plenty. When you are buying a new microscope, you can ask your supplier for special safety tips or manual to get a better idea about safety measurements of this equipment.

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