Brand of the Month: Meiji Techno Microscopes

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This month, we'll be shining the spotlight on Meiji Techno, a trusted manufacturer of optical microscopes and accessories.

Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. is the third-largest manufacturer of optical microscopes in Japan. Founded in 1964, Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. began selling microscopes directly to the public in 1975 under the name Meiji Techno.

Originally a manufacturer of educational microscopes, Meiji Techno has expanded its focus to include the industrial, laboratory, higher education and research markets worldwide.

Let’s find out more about Meiji Techno microscopes and some of the high-quality products and accessories they offer.

High Quality at a Lower Price: What Makes Meiji Unique

Meiji Techno stands out from the crowd because of its ability to offer top-notch microscopes at a lower price point than other manufacturers. Its microscopes are sold across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas by a network of authorized dealers including New York Microscope Company.

Since its products are manufactured in Japan rather than China, Meiji is able to ensure that its standards are consistently met, and that each Meiji microscope they produce is of the highest possible quality.

Meiji also takes its social responsibility seriously, and is committed to protecting the environment by procuring only eco-friendly parts and materials, introducing LED options for nearly all of their microscope models and purchasing from suppliers who are environmentally responsible.

Additionally, Meiji is one of the only manufacturers to offer a limited lifetime warranty, and is also ISO 9001 certified, meaning that the International Organization for Standardization has recognized them for consistently providing products that meet both customer and regulatory requirements, and aim to enhance customer satisfaction.

For these reasons, Meiji can compete with the “big four” microscope manufacturers – Leica, Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss – in terms of quality at a lower price.

Meiji is our brand of the month because it's just as committed to quality as it is to affordability. Plus, it offers a well-rounded line of microscopes that cater to multiple industries, such as:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Quality control inspections
  • Research
  • Education
  • Medical

3 Meiji Microscopes We Love

While all of Meiji’s microscope products are noteworthy in their own right, we’re particularly fond of the following three microscopes.

1. Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope

Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope

Full MSRP Price: $2,210.00 New York Microscope
Discounted Price: $1,966.90

Some features we like:

  • Ergonomic pole type stand
  • Zoom range of 6.5:1
  • Sharp, high-contrast images
  • Greenough optics for improved image flatness and contrast
  • Clear, powerful 5 watt LED illumination
  • 10x MA502 Super Widefield Eyepiece
  • Optional accessories and features

With its precision-engineered design and thoughtful features, the Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope is perfect for medical device, routine and semi-conductor inspection.

Thanks to Greenough optics paired with an excellent zoom range, the EMZ-5 produces bright, distinct images, even at the periphery of the field of view.

An ergonomic pole type stand provides optimal comfort, while the microscope’s compact design offers space-saving convenience. And, with the ability to choose from a variety of auxiliary lenses and stands, the EMZ-5 can be customized to suit an array of needs.

All in all, the Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope is a solid and versatile choice for a variety of applications.

2. Meiji MC-50T Measuring Microscope

Meiji MC-50T Measuring Microscope

Discounted Price: $12,198.50

Some features we like:

  • Erect trinocular viewing head with depolarizer
  • Brightfield and simple polarization observation mode
  • Composed of metallurgical microscope components
  • Durable stand
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Precision X-Y stage (stage that can be moved to the right or left as well as up or down)
  • 2-axis or 3-axis digital readouts in metric and imperial measurements
  • Available in 110 or 220 volt configurations

Thanks to its durable construction and precise measuring capabilities, the Meiji MC-50T Measuring Microscope can be relied upon to produce accurate measurements. Because of this, it's ideal for use in the electronics, manufacturing and metal production industries.

This measuring microscope can be configured for use with 35mm photomicrography, CCD video and digital still camera systems.

And, since it can generate measurement readouts using either the metric or imperial system, a wide variety of operators will find the Meiji MC-50T Measuring Microscope easy to use.

Plus, there’s no complicated system setup required, and that’s something we can all appreciate.

3. Meiji GEM SVH Series Gemological Microscopes

Meiji GEM SVH Series Gemological Microscopes

Full MSRP Price: $3,725.00
New York Microscope Discounted Price: $3,315.25

Some features we like:

  • Zoom or turret body
  • Full-sized gem stand
  • Binocular or trinocular viewing head
  • Darkfield transmitted light
  • 30 watt halogen illumination
  • Fluorescent incident illuminator
  • SWF 10X and SWF 20X eyepieces
  • Integrated variable intensity control

With its rugged design and state-of-the-art optics, the Meiji GEM SVH Series Gemological Microscopes are ideal for professional gemological applications.

These models include a full-sized gem stand suitable for photomicrography, as well as fluorescent incident illuminators, which are perfect for viewing gem inclusions.

Each GEMZ/SVH professional gem stand is inclinable for the effortless viewing of precious stones, and can be rotated 360 degrees.

If you’re looking for sophisticated gemological microscopes for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, the Meiji GEM SVH Series Gemological Microscopes are the natural choice.

New York Microscope Company is proud to be a trusted dealer of Meiji microscopes for over 30 years, and we look forward to seeing what innovations Meiji has in store for the future.