Product of the Month: OPTIKA IM-3 Trinocular Inverted Phase Microscope

This month, were taking a closer look at the OPTIKA IM-3 trinocular inverted phase microscope. With its superior optical system, camera connection and unrivaled versatility and ergonomy, this inverted phase Optika microscope is a brilliant piece of equipment for viewing biological specimens in the lab.

Let’s learn more about the OPTIKA IM-3 and why it’s our pre-owned product of the month.

Why We Love the OPTIKA IM-3 Trinocular Inverted Phase Microscope

The OPTIKA IM-3 is part of the OPTIKA IM series of inverted microscopes, meaning that its light source points down at the stage from above, while the objective and turret point up at the stage from below. The two main types of inverted microscopes are for viewing live organisms and cells or for viewing various types of metals.

The IM-3 is the series phase contrast microscope, excellent for viewing blood cells, tissue samples and more. Phase contrast microscopes produce crisp, high-contrast images of transparent and colorless specimens that would otherwise be nearly invisible.

On top of that, it’s also a trinocular microscope – in other words it has two eyepieces plus an additional third tube that can be connected to a microscope camera.

Basically this piece is your ultimate lab microscope.

While there are plenty of reasons to admire the OPTIKA IM-3 trinocular inverted phase microscope, these are a few of the most noteworthy:

  • Infinity corrected optical system
  • Trinocular observation head inclined for ultimate ergonomic usage
  • Bright X-LED8 illumination system
  • Diverse metallic inserts for slides, Petri dishes and flasks
  • Easily accessible and comfortable controls
  • Glass stage surface
  • Optional mechanical stage mountable, which allows users to precisely hold and move slides
  • Straight neck for effortless sample positioning


OPTIKA: The Brand Behind the Product

OPTIKA Italy is the largest microscope manufacturer in Italy, and competes with other European and Japanese rivals such as Leica and Nikon. Founded in 1971 by a former physics teacher, OPTIKA began manufacturing microscopes in 1990. Today, OPTIKA creates all of its products in Italian ISO:9001 certified factories, which allows them to carefully oversee every step of the manufacturing process. Thanks to their high standards of quality, expert craftsmanship and competitive prices, OPTIKA Italy is one of the most cutting-edge microscope manufacturers in the world.

New York Microscope Company is proud to be the exclusive distributor of OPTIKA microscopes in the American and Canadian markets.

You can purchase the OPTIKA IM-3 for the discounted price of $3,361.75 from New York Microscope Company.

To get your OPTIKA IM-3 with a 3.1 mega pixel digital microscope camera, grab this package for $4,655 from OPTIKA’s exclusive North American partner.