Inverted Microscopes

New York Microscope Compmany is pleased to offer a wide assortment of inverted microscopes from leading manufacturers including, ACCU-SCOPE, Labomed, Meiji, Motic, OPTIKA and UNITRON. Inverted Microscopes are compound light microscope with the objectives inverted or located under the stage. Total magnification range from 40x to 400x with additional objectives available for greater magnification. Available in either brightfield transmitted (bottom) or incident (bottom) illumination, phase contrast, epi fluorescence and metallurgical applications. A variety of accessories such as mechanical stage and accessories plates to hold flasks and petri-dishes aer available from most manufacturers. Commonly used in medical and industrial for research or quality control. Please view our Digital Microscope Camera section for a selection of quality cameras that can be easily connected to any trinocular microscope.

These microscopes can be connected to a digital camera. Please refer to the inverted digital microscope package section or digital microscope camera section.

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ACCU-SCOPE, Labomed, Meiji, Motic, OPTIKA & UNITRON

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