Polarizing Microscopes

Polarizing microscopes are a type of compound or light microscope often called petrographic microscopes or commonly know as PLM or Polarizing Light Microscopes since their main application is in studying the optical and chemical properties of rocks and minerals (mineralogy) under polarized light. This facilitates for the viewing under the microscope thin sections of slides the study of birefringent materials such as crystals and strained non-crystalline substances.

In a classic optical microscope, also known as the simple "light" microscope, visible light is sent through a series of lenses to magnify a sample. A polarizing microscope, or PLM, is an optical microscope with the addition of a polarizing filters that acts to polarize visible light.

The polarized light microscope (PLM) is designed to observe and photograph specimens that are visible primarily due to their optically anisotropic character.

Polarizing Microscopes (PLM) uses two filters; a polarizer, positioned in the light path somewhere before the specimen (usually fixed to a left-right, or East-West position) and an analyzer (a second polarizer), placed in the optical pathway between the objective rear aperture and the observation tubes or camera port, set to a North-South position, though it can be rotated on some microscope models. The analyzer can be slid in and out of the path of the source light. The professional grades are equipped with Bertrand Lens system,compensator plates: quartz wedge, mica (1/4 wavelength), and gypsum (full wavelength) part of the analyzer.

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These microscopes can be connected to a digital camera. Please refer to the polarizing digital microscope package section or digital microscope camera section.

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