Student Monocular Microscopes

Compound Light Student Monocular Microscopes

These student monocular compound light microscopes are brightfield microscopes equipped with one eyepiece and illuminated by transmitted halogen, tungsten or LED illumination or used with a mirror and fork for gathering ambient light. These are also considered an entry level or student type biological microscopes, for viewing onion root cells, tissues ororganisms such as protozoa and bacteria. To view a selection of Cordless microscopes, please proceed to our Cordless section.

Affordable, Entry-Level, Two Dimensional Monocular Scopes

What is a Monocular Microscope?

Monocular microscopes are a type of compound light microscope. All compound light microscopes have at least two convex lenses, which enable specimen study to be conducted in a two dimensional view. The monocular microscopes only have one eye piece, which makes them unique in appearance as well as function from other traditional microscopes. The specimen is illuminated via transmission from the light source or commonly referred to transmitted light. A typical light source in a monocular microscope ranges from halogen, tungsten, LED illumination, or by using ambient light accompanied with a mirror and fork. The mirror and fork are implemented to collect the light for specimen viewing.

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