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Stereo Microscopes provide the user with an erect (upright and unreserved) stereoscopic (3-dimensional) image. This is particularly useful for biologists performing dissections, technicians repairing circuit boards, paleontologists cleaning and examining fossils, fabric and textile analysis or anyone who needs to work with their hands on small objects. Stereo microscopes are also good for examining objects unable to fit in a slide used by a compound microscope. Please view our Stereo Modular Microscopes for the aforementioned applications. Stereo Microscopes, also referred to as industrial microscopes, are used at magnifications from approx. 10x to 80x. However, with the proper microscope and accessories, magnifications approaching 400x can be achieved. For educational, economical, industrial and simple hobby use, refer to Configured Stereo Microscopes. To customize and build a stereo microscopy system for industrial or advanced applications, refer to the Stereo Modular Microscopes. This type of system will allow one to customize stands and illumination systems for any type of application.

We offer Research Grade Stereo Microscopes, featuring the RZ Series by Meiji Techno and the UNITRON Z10 Modular Microscope based on the common-main-objective design. These systems are designed for critical viewing for research, medical, industry, quality control, mud logging, forensic, inspection and other high-end stereo microscope applications. For specimens that require viewing at higher magnifications or with special filters, please view our Metallurgical Microscopes, which are also a type of industrial microscope.

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