UNITRON Z10 Stereo w/ Common Main Objective

New York Microscope Company is pleased to offer the UNITRON Z10 Common Main Objective Stereo Microscope. This is a high quality research grade stereo microscope that can be customized for most industrial or medical applications. Compare the quality to that of a Nikon, Olympus, Leica or Zeiss. Then you will see that the UNITRON Z10 is offered at at tremendous savings!

Configure Your Own UNITRON Stereo Microscope

Choose a Stand, Viewing Head, Eyepieces, Magnification Changer/Optics, Objective, Ilumination and optional Digital Accessories. For convenience, the pre-confirgured Optical Sytem includes the Viewing Head, Eyepieces, Magnication Changer/ Optics, and Objectives.

Z10 Brochure
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Z10 User's Manual
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