Digital Microscope Technology

High-Resolution Digital Microscopes

For many applications, the ability to capture, display, and preserve specimen images is of equal or greater importance than viewing the specimen through the eyepieces of a microscope. Photomicrography (35mm cameras) has been a common option for decades, but the recent development of Digital Microscopes & Digital Microscope Cameras has greatly increased both the popularity and flexibility of microscope imaging. The economical CMOS Digital Camera for everyday video capturing; the higher priced CCD Digital Camera (closed capture device) for low light and higher resolution applications; and Digital Eyepiece Cameras, which connect to most eyepieces or ocular tubes, are the most economical means of capturing digital images.

Instead of viewing through slides during a class lesson or lecture, teachers, university professors and doctors can now display real-time video images on TV style Monitors or Computer Monitors; petroleum geologists can now e-mail images of core samples to their laboratories from remote locations around the world; and oncologists can refer to CD or on-line catalogs of cell images to help them make faster and more accurate diagnoses. If your application calls for live viewing and projection, refer to products in Video Technology. For live digital imaging that can capture, measure, anecdote, email, and refer to systems in Digital Technology.

Digital Microscope Cameras are manufactured for the sole purpose of being connected to a microscope and can not be used any other way as opposed to a digital camera which are consumer cameras that can also be connected to a microscope with the appropriate digital camera adapter, they generally offer higher megapixel but does not include software and can be a challenge to connect to the appropriate microscope found in our Digital Camera and Accessory section.

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