Digital Microscope Couplers

New York Microscope Company is pleased to introduce a new line of the highest quality Digital Microscope Camera Couplers formerly the manufactured by Thales Optem and then Quioptic... These are manufactured in the US & Europe and warehoused in the US. Simply, these adapters allow users to capture images through a microscope. Popular models from the older Olympus BH Series, to the Leica Microstar 410 Series, Leica DM Series, Zeiss Standard and Axio Models, Nikon Labophot 1 & 2 Series, Eclipse Series Leitz & Reichert to most current models.

In the PDF you will find concise explanations on relationships between camera chip sizes, magnification, and field of view that will meet your specific needs. Many more pictures are included to better explain this modular system, and how it can be flexible to benefit your requirements.

Today more than ever, digital & video microscopy is an excellent means of maximizing your research productivity and research effectiveness. These digital microscope camera couplers offers a myriad of models, magnifications and mounts to ensure you of the optimal imaging for your application. Whether you are capturing microscopic imagery for comparison, instruction, analysis, or archiving… Optical solutions to a diversity of markets, specializing in microscopy, metrology, machine vision, and life sciences. New York Microscope Company is able to configure optical solutions for a wide set of applications ranging from digital imaging and analysis through industry and life sciences

Please choose from the products menu on the top bar the kind of coupler you desire, if you are not sure each product has a full explanation on the page of what it is and what it does. At the bottom of each page is also an optional guide with a full brochure page to browse if you are still not sure.

Download the Complete Camera Coupler Brochure Here

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Nine Categories to choose from all listed in the brochure:

Now you can connect most digital cameras to mostly any compound or stereo microscope. New Digital Coupler line is ideal for fast, accessible and affordable microscopic imaging.

Direct Camera Couplers offer economical camera integration to your microscope with an easy-to-install, one-piece design. The shorter overall length presents a more compact, lower-profile camera system. See Page 5 & 6

Large-Format Couplers deliver the magnifications necessary to properly cover the larger chips (up to 43.3mm diag.) of today’s large-format CCD and DSLR cameras. See Page 7 & 8

The most versatile is the unique two-piece design of the Standard Couplers offers users maximum flexibility in camera-to-microscope, brand and model compatibility. Standard Couplers combine a wider range of magnification options and feature internal focusing and reticle compatibility. An ideal solution for facilities utilizing, or switching out, a wide variety of cameras and microscopes. See pages 9-12

Multi-Port Couplers allow the user to simultaneously integrate two cameras onto one microscope. Multi-port Couplers feature similar compatibility, flexibility and imaging quality as the Standard Series and offer an affordable alternative to expensive multiple-photoport microscope heads (i.e., quad heads). See Pages 13 & 14

Specifically designed to deliver high quality images from your microscope to your high end research grade camera. Features apochromatic lens with telecentricity, 3 colour corrected optics for efficiency and high contrast, built in aperture diaphragm, and focusing all in a low profile adapter. See pages 15-16

Zooming Camera Couplers deliver a continuous parfocal zoom range of 3:1 or 7:1 for your video system. When combined with multiple objectives, these Zooming Couplers afford unmatched magnification and field-of-view versatility. Ideal for applications requiring greater resolution at high power and maximum field-of-view at low power. See Page 21.

These Couplers provide versatile connectivity for any C-mount or Bayonet mount camera to any microscope featuring male C-mounts. Available in a number of magnifications from 0.38X to 2.0X, the C-to-C Mount Series is particularly ideal for odd brand and older model microscopes and fixed magnification photo port systems. See Page 17

A specially designed camera adapter to work with the Reichert Polyvar microscope. Options available to suit both CCD and DSLR cameras. Available with focusing and a variety of magnifications to suit your camera. See page 20 for details.

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