Standard Camera Couplers

Standard Camera Couplers set the benchmark for system versatility and image clarity. Unlike other brand couplers, Standard Couplers contain an image plane within the optical coupler to allow you to project a 21mm reticle onto your monitor. Our Standard Couplers feature a two-piece design consisting of an optical coupler and a bottom clamp. The bottom clamps fit into your microscope photoport or phototube and provide a secure mounting interface for the optical coupler. You may choose from any number of bottom clamps to meet the ever-growing variety of microscope models. Furthermore, a single Standard Coupler can fit into any of the bottom clamps, giving you the ability to use one optical coupler on a variety of different microscope models without having to purchase additional optical couplers. An adjustable set screw allows the user to easily focus Standard Camera Couplers in establishing parfocality on the video monitor. With a lockable focus, Couplers are far less prone to accidental misadjustment, ensuring that establishing your parfocality is a one-time setup.

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