Ken-a-vision Microprojectors

The X-1000 will have an end of life soon. Hurry, limited quantities still available.

New York Microscope Company is pleased to offer the renown Ken-a-vison Microprojectors. Our microprojectors are effectively used from elementary to college level courses. They are also used for teaching visually impaired and physically challenged individuals. The Microprojector projects your microscopic images onto a wall or table for group viewing. The microprojector enables your small specimen to be viewed in a big way! With our selection of quality microprojectors, even the tiniest of microscope images can be blown up and projected onto a larger surface, like a desktop or a projector screen. This allows for an easier viewing experience, especially in larger groups. Rather than taking turns peering through the eyepiece of the microscope, everyone can view together with a microprojector.

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