L-2 Hand Held Video Imaging System

The MS-L2 is a high quality hand held video imaging system that displays magnified images from 1x-400x on any TV or video monitor. With its various lens configurations it is ideal for educational, medical, skin/hair, forensic, industrial, specialty and video demonstration applications. It's a microscope, movie camera, document camera, and presentation device all in one! You can present images and video on your TV or projector, record them on your VCR, or (with optional USB converter) capture them on your computer for analysis and multimedia presentations.

The MS- L2 is an improved version of the original "The Scope On A Rope". It is a lightweight hand held imaging device that creates 1x through 400x magnification of any object when touched by the scope. All lenses have internal lighting except 1x lens and microscope adaptor.

Images are directly or indirectly viewed via a TV, monitor, VCR or projector that is attached to the L2 via a simple RCA video cable. Optional USB converter lets you view, store and analyze images on any computer with a USB connection. The MS-L2 is manufactured in Japan and comes with a one year manufactures warranty and FREE EXTENDED ONE YEAR WARRANTY from New York Microscope Company. Video monitors are available and sold separately.


  • The L2 has a composite video output signal for conventional video devices such as TV monitors, Video Cassette Recorders, Video Camcorders and video projectors.
  • Easy to use "Touch and View" operation instantly focuses on objects by touching them with the microscope lens.
  • Easy to change 1x to 400x optical magnification bayonet mounted lenses.
  • Selectable "White Balance and Exposure" position on either "AUTO" or "FIXED" to ensure the true color image on TV monitor.
  • The L2 video microscope has the capacity to view both surface and sub-surface details in high resolution on a full-color video monitor display when 30x polarized lens is used.

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