Clinical & Laboratory Microscopes

Clinical and laboratory microscopes are used in pathology, cytology, hematology, microbiology, and routine laboratory environments. These microscopes offer superior optics, enhanced illumination, upgraded mechanical operation including rackless mechanical stage, and larger footprint than most biological and upright microscopes. Our selection includes microscopes for professionals in small or large laboratories, lab technicians in doctors’ medical offices, veterinarians, and medical research.

Laboratory microscopes can be customized with a variety of accessories including objectives (plan achromat, semi plan apochromatic, fluorite), eyepieces, polarized filters, phase kits, darkfield kits, condensers, fluorescence attachments, and more. Multi-head attachments can be added to allow larger audience viewing for teaching and conferences. Digital microscope cameras can be easily be connected (with a c-mount adapter) to allow the user to capture or stream high-resolution images to monitors and projectors.

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