Digital Microscope Cameras & LCD Screens

Digital microscope cameras are manufactured with either CCD (Charge Coupled Device) or CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors with varying size chips for capturing images digitally. CCD is more sensitive to low light conditions and yields sharper resolution. Cooled CCD would be the best way to go for fluorescence if your budget permits. The CMOS sensor is less expensive and offers good quality pictures for most applications. The latest technology now includes high resolution HD, HDMI connections, and wireless.

Digital microscope camera’s require a digital adapter to connect to the microscope. The rule of thumb is to match the chip size of the camera to the digital adapter. (ie. if the camera is 0.5x lens then a digital adapter with 0.5x is recommended). Most manufacturers include digital adapters. For more options, view our camera adapter section.


New York Microscope Company offers digital microscope cameras from leading brands including ACCU-SCOPE, Steindorff, Labomed, Meiji Techno, Micrometrix, Motic, Moticam, Lumenera, and more.

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