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Instead of viewing through slides during a class lesson or lecture, teachers, university professors, and doctors can now display real-time video images on TV-style Monitors or Computer Monitors; petroleum geologists can now e-mail images of core samples to their laboratories from remote locations around the world, and oncologists can refer to CD or on-line catalogs of cell images to help them make faster and more accurate diagnoses.

For advanced microscopes equipped with digital microscope cameras please view the digital microscope packages section. These trinocular microscopes are used in a university, medical or research applications. These microscopes are combined with high-quality digital microscope cameras (upgrades are available found in the digital microscope camera section). For most applications, a CMOS digital camera will adequately reproduce colors and yield clean, sharp images. For higher-end professional color reproduction for pathology, higher megapixel and color reproduction specifications are recommended. Whereas, for low-light applications such as fluorescence, a CCD digital camera offering a sensitive light sensor chip is recommended.

Photomicrography (35mm cameras) has been a common option for decades, but the recent development of USB digital microscopes and digital microscope cameras has greatly increased both the popularity and flexibility of microscope imaging. The economical CMOS Digital Camera for everyday video capturing; the higher-priced CCD Digital Camera (closed capture device) for low light and higher resolution applications; and digital eyepiece cameras, which connect to most eyepieces or ocular tubes, are the most economical means of capturing digital images.

Note: The higher megapixel is not necessarily the best way to achieve the best quality image. There are many factors that determine the final image or picture quality, including the quality of the microscope, its illumination and the specifications of the digital microscope camera itself. (frame rate, bits, etc.)

It is important to be consistent in your decision making. For instance, you would not want to connect a high-end megapixel digital camera to an entry-level microscope. On the other hand, with a professional research-grade microscope, you should not connect an inexpensive, lower-quality digital camera.

If your application calls for live viewing and projection, refer to products in video technology. For live digital imaging that can capture, measure, anecdote, email, and refer to systems in digital technology.

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