LW Scientific Lumin™ Attachments

By the use of special Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminators and a unique filter design, choice of objective magnification, the Lumin™ operates with as little as 5 volts of power. The Lumin™ Kit and Epi-Fluorescence Module are proudly made in the USA. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminator emits intense blue light that passes through a transmission filter to the objective lens causing light to be absorbed by the specimen and re-emitted as fluorescence. The specimen’s emitted fluorescence passes through a specific wavelength emission filter and can be easily seen by the lab worker. Any tuberculosis bacilli present glow brightly and can be identified quickly thus speed-ing smear examination. In contrast to the traditional epi-fluorescence microscope, the Lumin™ is portable, much less expensive, has a very long life (50,000 hours of safe light – No harmful UV emissions ) 50,000 hour use bulb and does not require a dark room.

For more information on the goals that can help to identify 5 million or more additional tuberculosis patients and enable health services and laboratory personnel in clinics and hospitals to save their lives please view the Lumin story.

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