Replacement Bulbs for Swift Microscopes

Microscope Model Bulb Manufacturer #
Swift M27LED Series 3.4V 0.06W LED SWMA14774
Swift SM100 Series. Bulb assembly, top turret LED 0.06W 3.5V LED SWMA14780
Swift M3 Series, M3-F Series LED (Top) SWMA14775
Swift M2250 Series, M2251B 120V 20W Tungsten SWMA2201
Swift M2251C, M2251CL, M3600 Series, M3700 Series, M2252DGL Series, M3600DGL Series 3.4V .06W LED SWMA221511411.0+
Swift M27LED Series 3.4V 0.3W LED (Top) SWMA14773
Swift M3 Series, M3-F Series LED Assembly (Bottom) SWMA14776
Swift M10 Series, M10D Series, M10L Series LED Assembly SWMA14777
Swift SM90 Series, M28Z Series, M29TZ Series 3W LED Bulb (Top & Bottom) SWMA14778

  • The minimum allowed quantity for Swift 0.06W 3.5V Replacement LED Bulb Assembly (SWMA14780) is 3 (you currently have 0 in your cart).

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