Engraving & Art Conservation Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are suitable for viewing artwork (sculptures & paintings), archaeology artifacts and engraving applications. These stereo microscopes are configured in a variety of illumination options and stands like articulating arm or boom stands. These will allow for small or large-sized specimens to be viewed in 3D. Some microscope configurations have the ability to tilt, allowing for any angle or position to viewed in hard to get to surface areas. External illuminators can add or enhance the lightning.

Magnification ranges from 10 to 50x. However, all of these stereo microscopes’ total magnifications can be increased by installing higher magnification eyepieces (15 & 20x) and supplemental lenses (1.5 & 2x) to bring the total magnification to 200-400x times.

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Engraving & Art Conservation Microscopes are available from leading microscope brands like Accu-Scope, Meiji Optika, and Scienscope. For a additional microscopes that may be suitable for engraving or art conservation please view our stereo modular microscopes and stereo microscopes on boom stand pages.

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