Marijuana-Cannabis Microscopes

A Marijuana Microscope will assist in identifying Trichome development. (tiny crystal-like hairs covering the buds, containing the potency) If the buds are not harvested at the right time, the amber color and cloudiness will affect the potency and type of “high”. Even after the harvest, the microscope will be a valuable tool to inspect your cannabis to make sure there is no mold/powdery mildew, fungus or mites on the leaves and buds.

New York Microscope Company offers one of the largest selection of microscopes suitable for viewing marijuana buds and identifying Trichomes. Weed Microscopes can be a simple portable illuminated pocket microscope with a magnification of 10x,30x or 100x. Higher quality Cordless LED Stereo Microscopes with magnifications from 10-40x and higher are available for those desiring a long-term investment. Portable Digital Wireless Microscopes connected to a computer and Stereo configurations with an LCD screen are available for those that desire to display the marijuana buds and Trichomes.

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