Isolation Gowns

When selecting the most suitable medical garment or isolation gowns, please refer to the following ANSI/AAMI PB70 standards for medical gowns recognized by the FDA:

Level 1: For MINIMAL risk situations like basic care and standard hospital medical units. Level 1 gowns provide a slight barrier to small amounts of fluid penetration.

Level 2: For LOW risk situations including blood draw from a vein, suturing, intensive care units, and pathology labs. Level 2 gowns provide a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking.

Level 3: For MODERATE risk situations such as emergency rooms, trauma, arterial blood draw, and inserting IV. Level 3 gowns provide a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and more fluid exposure through soaking than Level 2.

Level 4: For HIGH risk situations which involve infectious diseases (non-airborne), large amounts of fluid exposure over long periods, and pathogen resistance. Level 4 gowns prevent all fluid penetration for up to 1 hour and may prevent virus penetration for up to  1 hour.

Note: The unprecedented demand for PPE products has caused a global shortage of raw materials. Manufacturers may substitute comparable materials offering similar specifications.  Prices may change daily based on the supply and demand of the PPE.

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