Stereo Microscopes for Sale

A Stereo Microscope or Dissecting Microscope is a low power microscope. Stereo microscopes are used for examining larger specimens in 3D that are unable to fit on a slide. Specimens that fit on a slide are used with a compound microscope. For educational purposes, light industrial and simple hobby use, please refer to our stereo configured microscopes. To customize and build a stereo microscopy system for industrial or advanced applications, refer to the stereo modular microscopes. This type of system will allow one to configure stands, illumination systems, and with the proper microscope, supplemental lenses and eyepieces, magnifications approaching 400x can be achieved. Industrial digital microscope is a type of stereo microscope combined with a digital microscope camera that is used for inspection/quality control, offers live video and or computer screening fully equipped with comprehensive software. We offer Research Grade Stereo Microscopes, featuring the RZ Series by Meiji Techno and the UNITRON Z10 & the new Unitron Z12 recently introduced to compete against the big four; Leica, Nikon, Olympus & Zeiss. These modular type microscopes are based on the common main objective design. These systems are designed for critical viewing for research, medical, industry, quality control, forensic, inspection and other high-end stereo microscope applications. For specimens that require viewing at higher magnifications or with special filters, please view our Metallurgical Microscopes, which are also a type of industrial microscope.

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