Meiji CZ & RZ Series Stereo w/ Common Main Objective

Engineered around a common main objective and parallel optical paths, the RZ Series offers crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution images at magnifications ranging from 3.75x to 300x. The RZ features a 10:1 zoom ratio with built-in variable dual-iris diaphragms and 12 positive click stops through the zoom range. Two perpendicular columns of eight zoom lenses in four groups move in smooth motion controlled by ergonomically sized and positioned zoom knobs. A magnification indicator is conveniently located on the zoom controls. Precise coarse and fine focus knobs/mechanism to ensure crisp focusing in all depths of field.

Exterior components are painted with a special anti-static finish which is especially useful when working in sensitive environments. Two types of viewing heads are available including ergo tilting.

Quality manufactured in Japan. Assembled and shipped from the US. An extensive assortment of accessories is available to meet most requirements and better priced than Zeiss, Leica, Olympus & Nikon comparable configurations.

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