Accu-scope 3003 Monocular Microscope

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Sharp, high contrast images and a rigid cast alloy aluminum frame make the 3002 Microscope Series an excellent choice for educators, medical and veterinary professionals. Durable and ergonomic by design, the 3002 is built for many years of dependable use.


  • WF10x eyepiece with pointer, 18.5mm field of view – accepts 21mm reticle/micrometer
  • Monocular viewing head, inclined 30° and rotatable 360°
  • Interpupillary distance adjustments from 55mm to 75mm; diopter adjustment ±5
  • Rear facing, quadruple nosepiece with positive click stops
  • DIN achromat, plan or plan phase objectives
  • Mechanical stage with low position controls
  • Stage size 140mm x 140mm, movement range 75mm x 50mm
  • N.A. 1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls
  • Built-in focus stop and tension control
  • 1 Watt Led Rechargeable w/ variable 170 Lux
  • Dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual included
Viewing Head Monocular, inclined 30° and rotatable 360°
Objectives DIN Achromat 4x, 10x, SP40xR (A3003-3)
DIN Achromat 4x, 10x, SP40xR, 100xR oil (A3003)
DIN Plan 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR oil objectives (A3003PL)
Condenser N.A. 1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
Illumination 6 volt 20 watt variable halogen illumination
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor and electronic components.

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ROHS Certified

3002 Brochure
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3002 User's Manual
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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 14 x 11 in


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