Labomed CxL Microscope Series with Phase Kit



This newly designed model features improved optics and an ergo design. The illumination system (CE approved with universal power supply) is variable and available in two formats, halogen and LED making it cordless with the supplied rechargeable battery.

All models are configured with a Wide Field 10x eyepiece, quadruple nosepiece with DIN Semi-Plan Objectives, mechanical stage and sturdy stand with extended base for enhanced stability and comfort. There are a variety of options and accessories available including binocular & trinocular bodies, phase contrast, darkfield and polarizing. This microscope is recommended for high school and university use and offers outstanding value with features found in microscopes costing hundreds more. The microscope is warrantied for five full years.

StandSingle mold sturdy stand with anti rust materials. Extended base for better stability
Viewing BodiesBinocular or Trinocular 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, Inter-pupillary distance 54 – 74mm
EyepieceWide field focusable paired eyepiece 10x/18mm with foldable eye guard, lockable. Accepts 22mm reticle.
NosepieceQuadruple Nosepiece (Ball bearing type) with rubber grip
ObjectivesLP series DIN Semi Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (spring loaded), 100x (spring loaded, oil), anti fungus
Mechanical stageRectangular stage size 135 x 124mm, X/Y travel range 76mm x 50mm. Low drive movement controls, single specimen holder
CondenserSub stage Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm with snap-in blue filter. Rack and pinion movements on metal guides
Phase KitPhase Kit including Phase objectives 10x and 40x, Phase slider 10x with BF stop, Phase slider 40x with BF stop, Phase annulus centering tools, Phase Telescope, Abbe Condenser with slider slot and Green Filter
FocusingCo-axial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive system for smooth operation. Fine drive movement 0.3mm/rotation
IlluminationHalogen 6V/20W illumination with variable illumination control. Up to 2,000 hours of Halogen lamp life
LED illumination with variable illumination control. Up to 100,000 hours of LED life
ElectricalUniversal input 100V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Optional accessoriesDarkfield kit, Polarizing kit, Green Filter; Video adapter, Labomed Digital cameras
Dimensions (L x W x H)10 x 8.93 x 14.77 in. (255 x 227 x 375.23 mm)
WarrantyManufacture,s five year warranty and free one year extended warranty for a total of six years.

UL, CE, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified


Labomed Eyepiece Pointer with Mounting C-Clip – For CxL and Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO9130010-812 $15.00
Labomed LED 3.4V / 1W Bulb (9135000-813)
Product Code: LBO9135000-813 $37.00
Labomed 0.50x C-mount Adapter for CxL Series
Product Code: LBO3126010 $142.00
Labomed Phase Telescope for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO3126005 $150.00
LABOMED Micrometer Reticule – 10mm in 100 Parts, XY Cross Scale
Product Code: LBO3120010-801 / LBO9120010-801 $79.00
Labomed Viewing Heads for CxL Series
Product Code: LBO9135100 / LBO9135200 / LBO9135300 $58.00$268.00
Labomed Darkfield / Brightfield Slider for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO3126050 $37.00
Labomed Phase Slider for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO9136040 / LBO9136045 $42.00
Labomed Phase Achromatic Objectives for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO9132010 / LBO9132040 $157.00$194.00
Labomed Semi-Plan Achromatic Objectives for CxL Series
Product Code: LBO9131005 / LBO9131010 / LBO9131020 / LBO9131040 / LBO9131060 / LBO9131100 / LBO9131105 $32.00$268.00
Labomed Condensers for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO3124040 / LBO3124041 / LBO3124044 $40.00$110.00
Labomed Eyepieces for CxL Series – Single
Product Code: LBO9130010 / LBO9130011 $79.00$158.00
Labomed Dark Field Kit for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO9134050 $415.00
Labomed 6V 20W Halogen Bulb (LBOCX-013)
Product Code: LBOCX-013 (P7388) $15.95
Labomed Mechanical Stage for CxL Series
Product Code: LBO9135000-825 $74.00
Labomed Phase Kit for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO9135700 $520.00
Labomed Polarizing Kit for CxL & Lx300 Series
Product Code: LBO3126055 $104.00

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