Labomed CZM6 Stereo Microscope - 8x - 45x Magnification
Labomed CZM6 Stereo Microscope - 8x - 45x Magnification

Labomed CZM6 Stereo Microscope – 8x – 45x Magnification

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Designed with Greenough optical system, the CZM6 provides distortion free high resolution erect 3-D images. The lateral zoom control adds convenience to operation. The eyepieces are focusable for dioptric adjustments. The ergonomic and modern design of the stand provides fatigue-free operation. The large focusing knobs and ball-guide mechanism provide a smooth focusing throughout the entire working range.

Available in two configured models, binocular or trinocular configurations each features 8x – 45x variable zoom magnification, dual light stand, focusable WF 10x eyepieces and built in illumination for both incident and transmitted light. With the optional eyepieces and supplementary objectives magnification of 180x can be achieved. A variety of other accessories including gem clip, darkfield attachment, polarizing accessories, illuminators and stands are available. This series is recommended for educational, medical and industrial uses. A five year manufactures warranty is included plus a FREE ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY.

Stand Dual light stable stand with focusing knobs. Optional stands with fluorescent light, Boom stand, with bonder arm, Pillar Type Stand and Slim base stand.
Viewing Bodies Binocular or Trinocular Zoom Pod 1:6.25, mag. 8x-45x, inclined at 45°, 360° rotatable, IPD 54-74mm
Eyepiece Focusable WF 10x (FN 22mm). Optional: WF 16x (FN16mm), WF 20x (FN12mm) with focusable movement.
Auxiliary Objectives 0.5X, 1.5X and.2.0X (Optional)
Illumination Provided with built in illumination both for incident light (12V 20W Halogen) and transmitted light (12V 10W halogen) or Dual light stand.
Zoom Range 1:6.25
Accessories Darkfield attachment, Polarizing Kit, Ring Light, Fiber Optic Illumination, Dual Light Guides, Photo adapters for CCD Camera/35mm SLR Camera/ Digital still camera and Soft carrying case.
Warranty Manufacture’s five year warranty and free one year extended warranty for a total of six years.
Magnification Table
Objectives Working Distance (mm) Eyepieces
W.F 10x/22 W.F 16x/16 W.F 20x/12
Ob.Field (mm) Mag. Ob.Field (mm) Mag. Ob.Field (mm) Mag.
None 100.0 4.4-30.7 45-6.5 3.5-24.6 72-10.4 2.9-20 90-13
0.5x 160.0 8.9-61.4 22.5-3.3 7.1-49.2 36-5.2 5.8-40 45-6.5
1.5x 40.0 3.0-20.5 67.5-9.8 2.4-16.4 108-15.6 1.9-13.3 135-19.5
2x 25.0 2.2-15.4 90-13 1.8-12.3 144-20.8 1.4-10 180-26

UL, CE, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified

CZM6 Brochure
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CZM6 User's Manual
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Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 14 in


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