Leica DM500 LED Biological Microscope Series

Leica DM500 LED Biological Microscope Series

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The DM500 microscope is perfect for university level applications and hands-on teaching. This microscope offers "plug and play" capabilities and student-friendly features like the pre-focused, pre-centered condenser and the EZTube preset diopter, which prevent incorrect adjustments.

EZStore design with integrated handle and cord wrap allows effortless carrying and protection against microscope component damage.


  • Student friendly slide holder to prevent slide chipping.
  • NEW! 100x dry (no oil needed) objective provides very high resolution (N.A. 0.8) while eliminating the oil. (Optional)
  • Integrated cord wrap eliminates damage to microscope components from improper cord wrapping.
  • Integrated vertical handle provides easy carrying and easy lifting when storing on high shelves
  • The unique shape of the microscope stand protects controls from damage when microscopes are stored side-by-side.
  • LED illumination provides cool, white light with a lifetime of over 20 years average use.
Viewing Head 45° EZ Tube with pointer (Binocular)
45° Inclined Trinocular with 10x/20 fixed eyepieces
Plan 4x/0.10NA, 26.2 mm W.D.
Plan 10x/0.22 NA, 7.8 mm W.D.
Plan 40x/0.65 NA, 0.31 mm W.D.
Plan 100x/1.25 NA, 0.10 mm W.D., Oil
Illumination LED illumination – 6000 K temp, 25,000 h life at full intensity

Additional Information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 18 in
Viewing Head

Binocular, Trinocular with 10x/20 fixed eyepieces (+$919.00)


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