Meiji EMT Stereo Microscope on S-4100 Boom Arm System

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The EMT turret stereo microscope body permits magnification to varied by means of a objective turret changer. The EMT microscope body enable one-touch magnification power switch over between 1x and 2x (EMT-1), and 1x and 3x (EMT-2). Because the operator’s hand is kept at a distance, it decreases the possibilities the contamination due to dust and particulates is minimize. A long 108mm working distance and a wide field of view makes the EMT-1 a perfect turret microscopes that provides excellent maneuverability proving optimum for special applications. Such as gemology, horology, hair transplants, and dental labs.

The S-4100 Boom Stand is Meiji Techno America’s most popular Ergonomic boom stand with pillar, crossarm and a 20mm drop down mounting post accepts F, FX or FC holders, (must be ordered separately) or focus blocks with a 20mm mounting hole which are commonly available from microscope manufacturers. Equipped with a 400mm (15.74″) vertical pole and a 530mm (20.86″) horizontal pole. The S-4100 offers minimal space requirement and greatest possible amount of work room. The S-4100 can swing out of the way easily, clearing the workstation for other tasks. The horizontal arm can be moved freely left to right or can be securely locked into position with our T handle knobs. Extra length vertical posts are available in other models. The vertical column is used to compensate for taller specimen heights to accommodate the working distances of different microscope bodies. Anti-rotation is stabilized by a locking pin on the vertical post. The S-4100 Boom stand provides a comfortable amount of space for preparing mice, insects and other model organisms or semiconductor and electrical components. The S-4100 is equipped by a 35 lbs. base. The S-4100 boom stand is designed for the zoom (EMZ Series), turret (EMT Series) and fixed (EMF Series) stereo bodies. This boom stand is an affordable; low cost with high quality safety features makes this boom stand unmatched value in its class. This stand has ample height and long reach to work on an inspect small to large parts under the microscope. Ergonomic flexibility, chemical resistant paint finish and corrosion resistant stainless steel columns makes this boom stand an excellent choice in labs and production facilities.

Included is the MA502 Super Widefield Eyepiece 10X (pair) with 25mm reticle mount Field No. 23.0, Eye Relief 16.0, Focal Length 25.0


Model EMT-1 EMT-2
Body Binocular, Rotatable 360°, Cast Aluminum Alloy Construction
Magnification 10x, 20x (with 10x eyepieces) 10x, 30x (with 10x eyepieces)
Objective Lens Brass Construction
Paired Objectives 1x, 2x 1x, 3x
Field of View 23mm, 11.5mm
Working distance 108mm 81mm
Eyetube Inclination 45°
Eyepieces 5x, 7.5x, 10x, 12.5x, 15x, 20x, and 30x (optional)
Interpupillary Distance 54mm – 75mm
Dioptric Adjustment Left Eyetube
Extended Mag Range 10x – 60x
Extended Working Distances NONE
Auxiliary Lenses NONE
Mounting Fits 84.5mm Diameter Focus Holders
Manufacturer MADE IN JAPAN

S-4100 Stand
Industrial-type boom stand with 20mm diameter mounting post for F, FK, FX or FC focusing holders. Provides complete flexibility for horizontal and vertical adjustment. Sturdy solid metal base for excellent stability.

  • Base: 265mm x 265mm x 25.4mm (10.43″ x 10.43″ x 1.0″)
  • Vertical pole: 400mm (15.74″)
  • Horizontal pole: 530mm (20.86″)

Focusing holder with rack and pinion mount that allows smooth, precise focusing over 55mm of travel. Coarse focus mechanism incorporates a slip clutch and tension adjustment. Fits 20mm diameter, 71mm long mounting post. The 84.2mm diameter opening accepts all EM Series stereo bodies.

MA502 Super Widefield Eyepiece 10X (Paired) (With 25mm reticle mount)
Optional Illuminator: Fluorescent Ring Light for Stereo Microscopes

MA305 Ring Fluorescent Illuminator

Lightweight, compact, and rugged, this illuminator provides 360 degrees of cool, white, shadow-free illumination. For use with EM Series stereo microscopes (adapter required). (Available in 110V and 220/240V models) Lamp life: 1,500 hrs. Color temperature: 6500K.

Output: 8W | Bulb: MA305/05
Mounting Accessories for MA305
MA302 Adapter for EMZ stereo bodies.
MA303 Adapter to mount ring light onto MA507 1.5X aux. lens or MA511 2.0X aux. lens.
MA515 Adapter for EMT-1, EMTR-1, EMT-2, EMTR-2, EMF-1 and EMF-2
MA307 Adapter for EMT-3, EMTR-3, EMT-4 and EMTR-4.


Meiji FL-5000-US-SG Single Arm LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
Product Code: MFL-5000-US-SG $735.00
Meiji FL-5000-US-RL Annular LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
Product Code: MFL-5000-US-RL $890.00
Meiji FL-5000-US-DG Dual Arm LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
Product Code: MFL-5000-US-DG $825.00
Meiji MA531 Protective Glass
Product Code: MA531 $80.00 $72.80
Meiji MA305/05 8W Ring Fluorescent Tube, 6,500°K
Product Code: MA305/05 $80.00
Meiji MA518 0.5X Auxiliary Lens – For EMT Series
Product Code: MA518 $140.00 $127.40
Meiji MA527 0.75x Auxiliary Lens – For EMT Series
Product Code: MA527 $140.00 $127.40
Meiji MA513 1.5x Auxiliary Lens – For EMT Series
Product Code: MA513 $140.00 $127.40
Meiji MA514 2x Auxiliary Lens – For EMT Series
Product Code: MA514 $140.00 $127.40
Meiji MA600 Eyeshields for Super Widefield Eyepieces (Paired)
Product Code: MA600 $14.00
Meiji MA519 10x Super Widefield Focusing Eyepiece (Each) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA519 $200.00 $182.00
Meiji MA501 5x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA501 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA502 10x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA502 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA718 7.5x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA718 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA520 12.5x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA520 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA503 15x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA503 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA535 15x Super Widefield, High Eyepoint Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA535 $190.00 $172.90
Meiji MA504 20x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA504 $160.00 $145.60
Meiji MA521 30x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) – For EM Series
Product Code: MA521 $190.00 $172.90
Meiji FL-6000 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
Product Code: MFL-6000-US Discontinued

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