Meiji Galilean Surgical Eye Loupes
Meiji Galilean Surgical Eye LoupesMeiji Galilean Surgical Eye Loupes

Meiji Galilean Surgical Eye Loupes

Brand: Meiji Accessories
Product Code: MG700/2.5XB
Simple SKU:  MG700/2.5XB

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Product Description

Meiji Techno Galilean loupes is ultra light weight and easy to use and operate at a price everybody can afford, combined with multi-functional capabilities. Available in a variety of working distances for your maximum comfort. Fully adjustable viewing angle and inter-pupillary distance and flip-up function.

This is a waterproof lightweight loupe which means you may put it under running water to make cleaning easier.

  • A Meiji Techno Galilean optical loupe is a head worn magnifier.
  • Loupes are designed to meet specific magnification requirements and working distances.
  • Worn like traditional glasses, the loupe will magnify an image be advised that it will NOT correct your vision.
  • The amount of magnification depends on the curvature of the lenses and the lens spacing.
  • When wearing the loupe a user's working distance is simply determined by a measurement from the eye to the object being viewed at optimum focus.

These are Meiji Techno America's lightest and most universally fitting Galilean eyeglass loupe frames. Magnifying loupes are widely used in dentistry, department of Stomatology, ENT department, general surgery, cervical spine, neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, veterinary hospital, microvascular anastomosis training and other medical fields. Surgical binoculars loupe is a necessary tool for the fine examination and treatment. It can be applied in different fields, such as dental, training and inspection and other needs in where magnification is needed in the work environment.

Model Magnification Focal/Working Distance
MG700/2.5XB 2.5x 8" – 12"
MG700/3.5XA 3.5x 11" – 15"
MG700/3.5XB 3.5x 14" – 18"


  • Zippered Formed Black Case
  • Neck strap for easy on/off handling when in use
  • Screwdriver for angle adjustability
  • Flip Grip
  • Cleaning Cloth

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in


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