Meiji MT6500 PCM Asbestos Microscope – NIOSH 7400 & OSHA ID 160


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Meiji Techno offers the MT6500 Series PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopes) for Asbestos fiber counting applications. Meiji Techno manufactures these microscopes pursuant to NIOSH 7400 and OSHA ID 160 Reference methods. Each model comes with centering telescope, 1mm stage micrometer, GIF 546nm filters and built-in Koehler illuminator as standard equipment. The specifications table below shows the features of each model.

Asbestos Fiber Counting by Phase Contrast Microscopy

Methodology for PCM Analysis: NIOSH 7400 & OSHA ID160
Phase contrast microscopy is the method that is primarily used for estimating asbestos concentrations of airborne fibers. This method is quick and can be performed on-site for a rapid determination of concentrations of asbestos fibers in the air. Phase contrast microscopy does not positively differentiate between asbestos and other fibers. Positive identification of asbestos fiber must be performed using PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) or Electron Microscopy (Method 7402)

Required Microscope Equipment
Positive phase contrast microscope with 10X Brightfield and 40X Phase objectives, GIF (Green Interference Filter), Walton & Beckett reticle Type-22G and a stage micrometer with 0.01mm divisions.

Required Test Slide
The HSE/NPL Mark II Phase Shift Test Slide checks or standardizes the visual detection limits of the phase contrast microscope. The HSE/NPL Test Slide consists of a conventional glass microscope slide with seven sets of parallel line pairs of decreasing widths. The microscope must clearly resolve line pairs 1 thru 3. Line pairs 4 and 5 must be at least partially visible. Line pairs 6 and 7 must be invisible. A microscope which fails to meet these requirements is either too low or too high in resolution and cannot be used for asbestos detection.

Lifetime warranty.

Model Head Eyepieces Objectives Stage Condenser Illumination
MT6520 Binocular (1) KHW 10X Focusing E.P. F.N. 20, with W&B Reticle (21mm), (1) KHW 10X, F.N. 20 DIN U. Plan brightfield 4x, 10x and U. Plan positive phase contrast objective 40x, NA: 0.65 Ceramic coated flat-top stage with attached finger assembly Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with iris, centerable 20X & 40X positive phase annulus, dovetail mount Transmitted light Koehler Illuminator 6V 30W halogen auto voltage sensing with intensity control.
MT6530 Trinocular

CE and ISO 9001 Certified


Meiji MT-PEL Pelican Carry Case
Product Code: MT-PEL $390.00
Meiji Power Cord
Product Code: MA809/10 / MA809/20 $22.00
Meiji Condenser With Dovetail Mounts for MT Series
Product Code: MA910 / MA910/05 / MA910/10 / MA910/15 / MA911 / MA976 $127.40$546.00
Meiji Phase Condenser for MT Series
Product Code: MA913 $720.00 $655.20
Meiji Filters for MT4000, MT5000 & MT6000 Series
Product Code: MA856/05 / MA856/10 / MA857/05 / MA858/05 / MA861/05 $50.05$172.90
Meiji Stages for MT4000 & MT6500
Product Code: MA917R / MA917L $505.00 $459.55
Meiji Plan Semi Apochromat Phase Objective for MT5000 & MT6000 Series
Product Code: MA839 / MA840 / MA841 / MA842 $241.15$427.70
Meiji Stages for MT5000, MT5000D, MT6000 & MT9500
Product Code: MA918R / MA918L $525.00 $477.75
Meiji Darkfield Oil Condenser for MT Series
Product Code: MA914 $410.00 $373.10
Meiji Polarizer Set for MT4000, MT5000 & MT6000 Series
Product Code: MA915 $135.00 $122.85
Meiji MA830 2.5x Plan Semi Apochromat Objective for MT4000D, MT5000, MT5000D, MT6000, MT6500 Series
Product Code: MA830 $1,200.00 $1,092.00
Meiji MA326 Halogen Bulb, 6V 30W
Product Code: MA326 (P5761) $28.95
Phase Shift Test Slide HSE/NPL (5 band / 6 partial)
Product Code: PSTS $989.00
Meiji MA151/35/03 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.3x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/03 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/04 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.45x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/04 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/05 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.5x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/05 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/15 “C” Mount Adapter with 1.0x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/15 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/20 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.7x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/20 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/25 “C” Mount Adapter with 2.5x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/25 $265.00 $241.15
Meiji MA151/35/50 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.5x Lens
Product Code: MA151/35/50 $420.00 $382.20
Meiji MA958 Photo/Video Attachment
Product Code: MA958 $1,200.00 $1,092.00
Field Kit for Asbestos Microscopes
Product Code: NYMC-FK-ASB, PELP1620, A3145 $1,295.00
Meiji Viewing Heads for MT4000, MT4000D, MT6500 Series
Product Code: MA815/05 / MA816/05 / MA957/05 $432.25$728.00

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