Meiji TC-5300/SIS-4M Inverted Brightfield/Phase Contrast Micromanipulator Injection Microscope System


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The TC-5300/SIS-4M and TC-5400/SIS-4M Series are equipped with micromanipulators used to physically interact with a sample under a microscope, where a level of precision of movement is necessary that cannot be achieved by the unaided human hand. It consist of an input joystick, a mechanism for reducing the range of movement and an output section with the means of holding a microtool to hold, inject, cut or otherwise manipulate the object as required. The mechanism for reducing the movement is free of backlash. This is achieved by the use of kinematic constraints to allow each part of the mechanism to move only in one or more chosen degrees of freedom, which achieves a high precision and repeatability of movement, usually at the expense of some absolute accuracy.

Movement reduction can be performed by mechanical levers, hydraulically using pistons of different diameters connected by tubing containing non-compressible fluid, using combinations of techniques in one instrument. Mechanisms with different ranges of movement or variable reduction ratio may be incorporated in one instrument to allow coarse and fine positioning.

Depending on the application, users may require different scales of movement resolution, movement speed, range and accuracy. These are the critical variables integrated into manipulator designed by manufacturers, which are typically presented to suit particular applications.

Our latest inverted microscope line is the cost-effective TC-5000 Series Inverted Biological Microscopes. The TC Series makes routine examining of tissue cultures, microbes and other live specimens in petri dishes and culture bottles fast and easy while delivering an excellent performance-to-cost ratio.

The TC Series is available in brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models. The TC5000 Series Microscopes have an integrated front mounted camera port with adapters available for 35mm, CCD/CMOS and other cameras.

It is a special model combining Meiji Techno’s inverted microscope TC series with Micromanipulator, injector etc which is the best match for TC series by S Corporation. Three-dimensional hydraulic micromanipulator is driving distance X / Y / Z axes 20mm and, smooth movement of the hydraulic and feature a. Pneumatic injector is unnecessary filling of oil yet, it achieved a response of more than oil formula was. It is with a push type air refill valve. The injection holder is equipped with a pipette stopper and a positioning stopper. The adapter part with the microscope is equipped with a bounce lever . By tilting the lever, the entire left and right driving part jumps up, and it is possible to easily exchange the capillary pipette and replace the sample. It is a high performance yet simple and easy to use injection system set. It adopts a special specification for the lens barrel of theinverted microscope and it is possible to observe an erect image, making it ideal for micromanipulation.

(Capillary pipette and dish are not included in the product)

Microscope Specifications
Model Head Eyepieces Objectives Stage Condenser Illumination
TC-5300/SIS-4M Binocular SWH10X FN22 LWD Plan Phase
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Plain Fixed Stage
180mm x 247mm
TC Condenser N.A. 0.30, W.D. 73.0mm 6V 30W Halogen Koehler
TC-5300E/SIS-4M Ergonomic Binocular
TC-5400/SIS-4M Trinocular
TC-5300L/SIS-4M Binocular LED Koehler
TC-5300EL/SIS-4M Ergonomic Binocular
TC-5400L/SIS-4M Trinocular

Injection System Set

Set configuration
  • Two 3D hydraulic micromanipulators
  • Two iron plates for fixing the joystick
  • Two sets of injectors
  • Two universal joints
  • One TC seres connection adapter
Manipulator specification
  • Hydraulic three-dimensional manipulator with smooth movement
  • Drive distance of 20 mm realized
  • Compact drive unit
Driving distance X/Y/Z Each axis 20 mm (one turn of handle 1mm)
Maximum driving distance on the joystick XY plane 2 mm
Injector specification
  • Because it is a pneumatic type, oil filling is unnecessary
  • Response more than oil type realized
  • Work efficiency with push type air replenishing valve UP
Working distance (universal joint) 15 mm
Remarks Injection holder (with pipette stopper positioning stopper TC series connection adapter (with splash function) Universal joint

CE and ISO 9001 Certified


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