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OPTIKA B-1000 polarized light microscopes are the result of an extensive modularity combined with the state-of-the-art, exclusive and high performing X-LED8 lighting source (8W), corresponding to over 100W halogen bulb. A specific version (POL-I) includes also an epi-illumination attachment with built-in X-LED8 lighting source for excellent performance in reflected light.

This series features the outstanding brightness and incredible color reproduction, to be a reliable solution for routine and research applications and is equipped with a strain-free polarized condenser, a centerable rotatable stage with a mechanical stage for fine movements of the specimen, a quintuple centerable revolving nosepiece and a Bertrand lens allowing observations in orthoscopy and conoscopy.

B-1000POL and POL-I Series give multiple options of configuration, from basic manual controls to a motorized version, including motorized focus.


B-1000 BF Specifications
Eyepieces Choice of:
PL10x/22 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint, with rubber cup (retractable)
PL10x/24 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint, with rubber cup (retractable)
Head Choice of:
Trinocular Head with 30° viewing angle, three positions (100/0, 50/50, 0/100)
Binocular ERGO head with 30° – 60° viewing angle
Attachment Bertrand lens with analyzer and slot for sliders (with Lambda, 1/4 Lambda and Quartz Edge)
Main Body Main body with focus system and X-LED8 illumination, for general purposes
Motorization Choice of:
Motorization of Z-axis with Upgrade (controller) for any kind of motorization
Nosepiece Quintuple reversed nosepiece, with centrable positions for POL objectives
Objective Sets IOS W-PLAN POL 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
View Optika Objective Brochure
Stage Rotating Stage, centrable, Attachable mechanical stage. 360° graduation with 0.1° vernier scale. Click-stop every 45° during rotation. Fixing screw to lock the position.
Condenser 0.90 N.A. swing-out polarized condenser
Illumination 8 Watt LED
Luminous flux: 450 lumen
Luminous intensity: 2000 cd
Equivalent to a dichroic halogen lamp with 45W, Equivalent to a standard halogen lamp with 110W
Correlated Color Temperature: 6300K
Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts
Two (2) Years electrical


OPTIKA M-1163 10-Head Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1163 $28,352.00
OPTIKA M-1162 5-Head Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1162 $11,213.00
OPTIKA M-1161 3-Head Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1161 $9,054.00
OPTIKA M-1160 2-Head Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1160 $7,034.00
OPTIKA M-1033 Bertrand Lens and Analyzer Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1033 $1,076.00
OPTIKA M-1153 0.90 N.A. Swing-Out Polarizing Condenser
Product Code: OPM-1153 $344.00
OPTIKA M-1145 Rotating stage with Attachable Mechanical Stage
Product Code: OPM-1145, OPM-1146 $4,794.00
OPTIKA M-1002 Wide Field 10x/24mm Eyepiece (Pair)
Product Code: OPM-1002 $236.00
OPTIKA M-1082 40x IOS W-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1082 $1,042.00
OPTIKA M-1083 60x IOS W-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1083 $1,197.00
OPTIKA M-1090 5x IOS LWD U-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1090 $437.00
OPTIKA M-1091 10x IOS LWD U-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1091 $533.00
OPTIKA M-1092 20x IOS LWD U-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1092 $698.00
OPTIKA M-1093 50x IOS LWD U-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1093 $2,349.00
OPTIKA M-1021B Main Body with Manual Focus & X-LED8 Illumination, For B-1000 Series
Product Code: M-1021B $2,456.00$4,007.00
OPTIKA M-1022 Main Body with Motorized Focus For B-1000 Series
Product Code: OPM-1022 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-1081 10x IOS W-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1081 $520.00
OPTIKA M-1080 4x IOS W-PLAN POL Objective
Product Code: OPM-1080 $270.00
OPTIKA M-1001 Wide Field 10x/22mm Eyepiece (Pair)
Product Code: OPM-1001 $202.00
OPTIKA M-1003 Wide Field 15x/16mm Eyepiece (pair)
Product Code: OPM-1003 $236.00
OPTIKA M-1011 Trinocular Head (3 Positions)
Product Code: OPM-1011 $851.00
OPTIKA M-1012 Binocular ERGO Head
Product Code: OPM-1012 $1,104.00
OPTIKA M-1013 Trinocular ERGO Head
Product Code: OPM-1013 $1,793.00
OPTIKA M-1151 1.2 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
Product Code: OPM-1151 $238.00
OPTIKA M-1150 0.90 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
Product Code: OPM-1150 $238.00
OPTIKA M-619 Photo Adapter For REFLEX Camera With FULL FRAME Sensor
Product Code: OPM-619 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-781 Wide Field 10x/22mm Micrometer Eyepiece (Single)
Product Code: OPM-781 $136.00
OPTIKA M-620 0.35x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620 $323.00
OPTIKA M-620.1 0.5x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620.1 $323.00
OPTIKA M-699 Universal Adapter for M-173
Product Code: OPM-699 $83.00
OPTIKA M-615 Lambda Filter For Polarizing Set
Product Code: OPM-615 $524.00
OPTIKA M-617.1N Single Phase Contrast Set with IOS W-PLAN 40x Objective
Product Code: OPM-617.1N $1,257.00
OPTIKA M-173 Photo Adapter for APS-C and Full Frame Reflex Cameras
Product Code: M-173 $401.00$484.00
OPTIKA M-613 Polarizing set
Product Code: OPM-613 $628.00
OPTIKA M-1046 Quintuple Motorized Nosepiece for Darkfield Metallurgical Objectives
Product Code: OPM-1046 $2,035.00
OPTIKA M-1045 Quintuple Nosepiece for Darkfield Metallurgical Objectives
Product Code: OPM-1045 $552.00
OPTIKA M-1044 Quintuple Nosepiece with Centrable Positions for Polarizing Objectives
Product Code: OPM-1044 $722.00
OPTIKA M-1043 Sextuple Motorized Nosepiece for RMS Objectives with DIC Slot
Product Code: OPM-1043 $2,666.00
OPTIKA M-1034 Incident Polarizing Attachment
Product Code: OPM-1034 $4,192.00
OPTIKA M-1042 Sextuple Nosepiece for RMS Objectives with DIC Slot
Product Code: OPM-1042 $1,097.00

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