OPTIKA B-500 Biological Microscope Series

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The Optika B-500 microscopes have been designed for the best performance in routine laboratory use.


  • With INFINIFIX optical system, the two worlds of infinity-corrected and 160 mm optical system find the way to meet each other. With this exclusive optical system the B-500 series uses a true infinity-corrected optical path, implemented with standard 160 mm objectives.
  • IOS simply means "Infinity Optical System". All IOS models of B-500 series are equipped with Infinity corrected objectives.
  • The modern stand design, with accessible and ergonomic controls, complements and enhances the instrument's usability.
  • The ample 22 mm field of view and the high-point eyepieces allow for hours of use without eye fatigue.
  • Two kinds of swing-out condensers are available (depending on the models): 0.10/1.20 N.A. for better performances with high magnifications; 0.22/0.90 N.A. for better performances with low magnifications (pathology)
  • A generously sized double layer stage, suitable for two specimen slides, optimally completes the instrument. 175 x 145mm, XY range 76 x 51mm.
  • X-LED™ – The future of illumination: OPTIKA Microscopes is proud to introduce a revolutionary LED powered illumination system consisting of a new combination of LED and optical technology. A new high-efficiency single chip LED improved by a special optical system doubles the light intensity generated by an ordinary LED.
    The resulting light is comparable to the light generated by a 30W halogen lamp but with a colour temperature of 6300K: this means a white light instead of the yellow one produced by filament lamps. The electric consumption (3W only) proves the high efficiency of this system: the same light intensity with less consumption; 10% of an ordinary 30W halogen lamp's consumption.
    In addition, the lifetime of the LED is 50,000 hours instead of the 1,500 hours of an ordinary halogen lamp.
  • Assembled in Italy
B-500 Specifications
Optical System InfiniFix (B-500BPL & B-500TPL)
IOS (B-500BI & B-500TI)
Head Binocular or Trinocular 360° rotating 30° inclined
Eyepiece Wide Field 10x/22mm (accepts 24mm micrometer)
Objectives Plan Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion) – (B-500BPL & B-500TPL)
Infinity Plan Achro 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion) – (B-500BI & B-500TI)
Revolver Quintuple reversed
Stage Double layer with mechanical sliding stage, 175 x 145 mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine control knobs
Condenser Swing-out 1.2 N.A., centrable (B-500BPL & B-500TPL)
Swing-out 0.90 N.A., centrable (B-500BI & B-500TI)
Illuminator OPTIKA X-LED™ illuminator.
3.6 Watt LED
Luminous flux: 200 lumen
Luminous intensity: 900 cd
Equivalent to a dichroic halogen lamp with 20W, Equivalent to a standard halogen lamp with 50W
Correlated Color Temperature: 6300K
Pure white, no need of blue correction filter.
Warranty Five (5) Years mechanical and optical parts
Two (2) Years electrical

B-500 Brochure
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B-500 User's Manual
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OPTIKA M-680 30°-60° Ergo Binocular Head
Product Code: OPM-680 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-1151 1.2 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
Product Code: OPM-1151 $238.00
OPTIKA M-1150 0.90 N.A. Swing-Out Condenser
Product Code: OPM-1150 $238.00
OPTIKA M-034 Dust Cover
Product Code: OPM-034 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-690 Eye Cups
Product Code: OPM-690 $18.00
OPTIKA 45mm Filters for B-500 Series
Product Code: OPM-975 / OPM-977 / OPM-979 / OPM-989 $42.00
OPTIKA M-614 Rotating Table For Polarizing Set
Product Code: OPM-614 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-630 10x/0.25 Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-630 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-761 20x/0.40 IOS Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-761 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-612 100x/1.25 Plan IOS Oil Objective
Product Code: OPM-612 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-611.1 60x/0.85 Plan IOS Objective
Product Code: OPM-611.1 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-611 40x/0.65 Plan IOS Objective
Product Code: OPM-611 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-610 20x/0.40 Plan IOS Objective
Product Code: OPM-610 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-609 10x/0.25 Plan IOS Objective
Product Code: OPM-609 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-631 20x/0.40 Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-631 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-632 40x/0.65 Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-632 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-633 100x/1.25 Oil Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-633 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-760 10x/0.25 IOS Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-760 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-762 40x/0.65 IOS Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-762 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-763 100x/1.25 Oil IOS Plan Achromatic Objective For Phase Contrast
Product Code: OPM-763 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-619 Photo Adapter For REFLEX Camera With FULL FRAME Sensor
Product Code: OPM-619 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-699 Universal Adapter for M-173
Product Code: OPM-699 $83.00
OPTIKA M-620 0.35x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620 $323.00
OPTIKA M-608 4x/0.10 Plan IOS Objective
Product Code: OPM-608 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-512 100x/1.25 Plan Oil Objective
Product Code: OPM-512 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-620.1 0.5x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620.1 $323.00
OPTIKA M-625 Wide Field 10x/22mm Eyepiece (Single)
Product Code: OPM-625 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-601 Wide Field 15x/16mm Eyepiece (Single)
Product Code: OPM-601 $117.00
OPTIKA M-602 Wide Field 10x/22mm Micrometer Eyepiece (Single)
Product Code: OPM-602 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-502 10x/0.25 S-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-502 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-503 20x/0.40 S-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-503 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-504 40x/0.65 S-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-504 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-505 60x/0.80 S-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-505 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-511 60x/0.80 Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-511 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-501 4x/0.10 S-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-501 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-509 20x/0.40 Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-509 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-508 10x/0.25 Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-508 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-507 4x/0.10 Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-507 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-618 Darkfield Condenser For Dry Objectives
Product Code: OPM-618 $465.00
OPTIKA M-506 100x/1.25 S-Plan Oil Objective
Product Code: OPM-506 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-613 Polarizing set
Product Code: OPM-613 $628.00
OPTIKA M-617.1N Single Phase Contrast Set with IOS W-PLAN 40x Objective
Product Code: OPM-617.1N $1,257.00
OPTIKA M-116 0.63x C-Mount Projection Lens
Product Code: OPM-116 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-173 Photo Adapter for APS-C and Full Frame Reflex Cameras
Product Code: M-173 $401.00$484.00
OPTIKA M-616.1 Single Phase Contrast Set with 40x Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-616.1 Discontinued
OPTIKA M-059 100x/1.25 W-PLAN Oil Objective with Iris Diaphragm For Darkfield
Product Code: OPM-059 $654.00
OPTIKA OPTIKAM Pro Series USB Digital Cameras – 3.2 or 5.0 Mega Pixels
Product Code: OP4083.11LT / OP4083.12LT Discontinued
Scale / 100 Divisions – Numbered 0 thru 10
Product Code: KR207 $79.00$129.00
Scale with Crossline, Numbered 0 thru 10
Product Code: KR257 (A3137) $95.00$150.00

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