OPTIKA B-510DK Darkfield Microscope for Live Blood Analysis


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OPTIKA B-510 Series includes a dedicated unit for immersion darkfield applications, used for fresh blood testing especially.

A ultra-modern, advanced routine microscope for transmitted light applications, featuring a 100x oil iris objective to be matched with the special darkfield condenser with integrated state-of-the-art, exclusive X-LED3 illumination, replacing any other external and expensive lighting source required for these applications.

OPTIKA immersion darkfield system provides the same result achieved by 150 W external illuminators in combination with traditional cardioid darkfield condenser.

The system achieves high numerical aperture for superb resolution delivering ultra-contrasted and sharp images through the impressive IOS W-PLAN optics.

When used in brightfield mode, the full Köhler system optimizes the microscope optical path to produce high sample contrast and homogeneous bright light, reducing image artifacts.

Darkfield is used to observe unstained samples causing them to appear brightly lit against a dark, almost purely black, background.

Microscope Specifications

Observation Methods Brightfield, Darkfield
Head Trinocular, 30° inclined, rotatable 360°, ±5 dioptric adjustment on left eyepiece, interpupillary adjustment 50 – 75 mm, splitting ratio eyepieces/photo tube: 50% – 50%
Eyepieces Plan wide field, PL 10x/22, high eyepoint
Nosepiece Quintuple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings
Objectives IOS W-PLAN 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x with iris (oil)
Stage Double layer with mechanical sliding stage, size 233 x 147 mm, X-Y movement range 78 x 54 mm. Belt-drive in X direction. Vernier scale on two axes, accuracy 0.1 mm
Condenser Swing-out type condenser, sliding-in, N.A. 0.2/0.9, with centering system
Darkfield condenser N.A. 1.36 with built-in X-LED
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism (graduated, 0.002 mm) with upper stop. Adjustable tension of coarse focusing knob.
Transmitted Illumination & Diaphragms High-efficiency X-LED3 (3.6 W), manual brightness control. Köhler illumination system with field diaphragm
Darkfield illuminator based on high-efficiency LED.
Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts
Two (2) Years electrical


OPTIKA M-1130.1 100x Oil IOS W-Plan Objective with Iris for Darkfield
Product Code: OPM-1130.1 $853.00
OPTIKA M-636 Polarizing Set for B-510 Series
Product Code: OPM-636 $250.00
OPTIKA M-635 Heating Stage with Digital Temperature Controller
Product Code: OPM-635 $662.00
OPTIKA M-620.3 1x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620.3 $175.00
OPTIKA M-620.2 0.65x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620.2 $323.00
OPTIKA M-1130 100x Oil IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1130 $412.00
OPTIKA M-1129 60x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1129 $412.00
OPTIKA M-1128 40x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1128 $200.00
OPTIKA M-1127 20x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1127 $153.00
OPTIKA M-1126 10x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1126 $99.00
OPTIKA M-1125 4x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1125 $82.00
OPTIKA M-1064 100x IOS W-PLAN F Objective
Product Code: OPM-1064 $2,141.00
OPTIKA M-1063 40x IOS W-PLAN F Objective
Product Code: OPM-1063 $940.00
OPTIKA M-1062 20x IOS W-PLAN F Objective
Product Code: OPM-1062 $749.00
OPTIKA M-1061 10x IOS W-PLAN F Objective
Product Code: OPM-1061 $518.00
OPTIKA M-1060 4x IOS W-PLAN F Objective
Product Code: OPM-1060 $200.00
OPTIKA M-1049 2x IOS W-Plan Objective
Product Code: OPM-1049 $149.00
OPTIKA M-1003 Wide Field 15x/16mm Eyepiece (pair)
Product Code: OPM-1003 $236.00
OPTIKA M-1001 Wide Field 10x/22mm Eyepiece (Pair)
Product Code: OPM-1001 $202.00
OPTIKA 45mm Filters for B-500 Series
Product Code: OPM-975 / OPM-977 / OPM-979 / OPM-989 $42.00
OPTIKA M-690 Eye Cups
Product Code: OPM-690 $18.00
OPTIKA 15008 10ml Immersion Oil
Product Code: OP15008 $13.00
OPTIKA M-005 Micrometric Slide
Product Code: OPM-005 $79.00
OPTIKA M-620.1 0.5x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620.1 $323.00
OPTIKA M-620 0.35x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPM-620 $323.00
OPTIKA M-699 Universal Adapter for M-173
Product Code: OPM-699 $83.00
OPTIKA M-781 Wide Field 10x/22mm Micrometer Eyepiece (Single)
Product Code: OPM-781 $136.00
OPTIKA M-181 Complete Phase Contrast Set with 10x, 20x, 40x & 100x IOS W-PLAN Objectives
Product Code: OPM-181 $2,205.00
OPTIKA M-173 Photo Adapter for APS-C and Full Frame Reflex Cameras
Product Code: M-173 $401.00$484.00
OPTIKA M-1004.N Centering Telescope, 30mm Diameter
Product Code: OPM-1004.N $178.00

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