OPTIKA M-619 Photo Adapter For REFLEX Camera With FULL FRAME Sensor

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Discontinued. You may be interested in:

OPTIKA M-173 Photo Adapter for APS-C and Full Frame Reflex Cameras

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M-619 Photo adapter for REFLEX camera with FULL FRAME sensor

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Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes:

  • B-500Bsp
  • B-500Tsp
  • B-500Bpl
  • B-500Tpl
  • B-500Bi
  • B-500Ti
  • B-500ERGO
  • B-500iERGO
  • B-500Bph
  • B-500Tph
  • B-500BiPh
  • B-500TiPh
  • B-500Ti-2
  • B-500Ti-3
  • B-500Ti-5
  • B-500TDK
  • B-500TiFL
  • B-500POL
  • B-500POL-I
  • B-500MET
  • B-500ASB
  • IM-3MET
  • XDS-3MET


OPTIKA IM-3MET Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Product Code: OPIM-3MET $4,697.00
OPTIKA B-1000 BF Brightfield Research Microscope For Gout Analysis
Product Code: OPB-1000BF, OPM-1037 $6,737.00
OPTIKA B-1000 PL Brightfield Research Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000PL $5,890.00$13,322.00
OPTIKA B-1000 CYT Cytology Configuration Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000CYT $6,027.00$10,356.00
OPTIKA B-1000 MCR Microbiology Configuration Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000MCR $6,357.00$13,134.00
OPTIKA B-1000 PTH Pathology Configuration Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000PTH $6,256.00$7,198.00
OPTIKA B-1000 PL Brightfield Research Microscope with MPC (Mineral Solid Surface) Mechanical Stage
Product Code: OPB-1000PL-MPC $6,439.00$13,871.00
OPTIKA B-1000 HMA Hematology Configuration Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000HMA $6,485.00$7,427.00
OPTIKA B-1000 Five Headed Teaching Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000Ti-5 $17,332.00
OPTIKA B-1000 Three Headed Teaching Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000Ti-3 $15,173.00
OPTIKA B-1000 MET Metallurgical Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000MET $8,361.00
OPTIKA B-500 Biological Microscope Series
Product Code: OPB-500BPL / OPB-500TPL / OPB-500Bi / OPB-500Ti Discontinued
OPTIKA B-1000 BF Brightfield Research Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000BF $6,119.00
OPTIKA B-1000 FL HBO Fluorescence Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000FL-HBO $21,764.00
OPTIKA B-1000 FL LED Fluorescence Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000FL-LED $13,976.00
OPTIKA B-1000 PH Phase Contrast Research Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000PH $7,640.00
OPTIKA B-1000 POL Polarizing Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000POL $14,211.00$14,464.00
OPTIKA B-1000 POL-I Polarizing Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000POL-I $18,654.00$18,907.00
OPTIKA B-1000 Two Headed Teaching Microscope, Side by Side
Product Code: OPB-1000Ti-2 $13,153.00
OPTIKA B-1000 Ten Headed Teaching Microscope
Product Code: OPB-1000Ti-10 $34,471.00

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