OPTIKA OPTIGEM Gemological Stereo Microscopes – 7x – 45x Magnification


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The OPTIGEM-1 and OPTIGEM-2 Microscopes are a revolutionary 2-in-1 gemmology instruments that can be used both as a vertical and as horizontal microscopes, at the turn of a knob and without disassembling any part. A special ultra-bright LED-based electronic condenser, with intensity control, and yet always perfectly color-matched to sunlight, allows to switch from bright to dark field at the flip of a switch. The condenser uses a novel optical configuration for an impressive dark field usability range, that will make you totally forget those uncomfortable hours spent “looking for light”. An additional flexible arm and velvet-field slider allow for extra contrast, for crisp and vibrant images even in a brightly lit environment.

A wide range of optional accessories completes these intruments: from gemology clip (included), an iris aperture diaphragm (included), a polarization analysis kit, an optical unit to switch the dark field from a “sharp” (gem exhibition) to a “soft” (diamond analysis) mode (included), translating cell holder with vacuum pick-up and quartz immesion cells complete and enhance the instrument usability. All the accessories can be stacked, in any order, while using the microscope in either horizontal or vertical configuration. The microscope body can be rotated through a full 360°, yet keeping the base sturdly fixed on the table, to show gems to a customer, or to share opinions with a colleague.


OPTIGEM-1 & OPTIGEM-2 Specifications
Head Binocular (OPTIGEM-1)
Trinocular (OPTIGEM-2)
Eyepieces WF10x/22mm
Objectives 0.7 …. 4.5x Zoom
Stand Gemological stand
Illuminator Incident illumination: LED flexible arm with brightness adjustment.
Transmitted illumination: Diffusive LED disc for observation in brightfield and side-emitting LED ring for observation in darkfield.
Includes ST-201 – Iris aperture diaphragm for darkfield (only for OPTIGEM 1 & 2).
Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts
Two (2) Years electrical


OPTIKA ST-092 Protective Glass
Product Code: OPST-092 $68.00
OPTIKA ST-090.2 0.65x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPST-090.2 $369.00
OPTIKA M-118 0.75x C-Mount Projection Lens
Product Code: OPM-118 $175.00
OPTIKA M-115 0.35x C-Mount Projection Lens
Product Code: OPM-115 $225.00
OPTIKA M-113.1 30mm Ring Adapter
Product Code: OPM-113.1 $32.00
OPTIKA ST-204 Translating Cell Holder
Product Code: OPST-204 $132.00
OPTIKA ST-205 Vacuum Pick-up
Product Code: OPST-205 $533.00
OPTIKA M-005 Micrometric Slide
Product Code: OPM-005 $79.00
OPTIKA ST-203 Glass Immersion Cell
Product Code: OPST-203 Request a quote
OPTIKA ST-202 Polarizing Analysis Kit
Product Code: OPST-202 $217.00
OPTIKA ST-207 Iris Aperture Diaphragm For Standard Illuminator
Product Code: OPST-207 $62.00
OPTIKA ST-201 Iris Aperture Diaphragm For Darkfield
Product Code: OPST-201 $93.00
OPTIKA M-699 Universal Adapter for M-173
Product Code: OPM-699 $83.00
OPTIKA ST-090.1 0.5x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPST-090.1 $238.00
OPTIKA ST-081 Wide Field 10x/20mm Eyepieces (Pair)
Product Code: OPST-081 $112.00
OPTIKA ST-082 Wide Field 15x/15mm Eyepieces (Pair)
Product Code: OPST-082 $170.00
OPTIKA ST-083 Wide Field 20x/10mm Eyepieces (Pair)
Product Code: OPST-083 $170.00
OPTIKA ST-084 Wide Field 10x/20mm Micrometer Eyepiece
Product Code: OPST-084 $170.00
OPTIKA ST-086 1.5x Auxiliary Lens
Product Code: OPST-086 Discontinued
OPTIKA ST-087 2x Auxiliary Lens
Product Code: OPST-087 $172.00
OPTIKA ST-089 Reflex Camera Adapter For FULL FRAME Sensor
Product Code: OPST-089 Discontinued
OPTIKA ST-090 0.35x Focusable C-Mount Adapter
Product Code: OPST-090 $238.00
OPTIKA M-173 Photo Adapter for APS-C and Full Frame Reflex Cameras
Product Code: M-173 $401.00$484.00
OPTIKA M-114 0.5x C-Mount Projection Lens
Product Code: OPM-114 $225.00
OPTIKA M-116 0.63x C-Mount Projection Lens
Product Code: OPM-116 Discontinued

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