PreciPoint M8 Digital Microscope
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PreciPoint M8 Digital Microscope

Brand: PreciPoint
Product Code: PP-M8
Simple SKU:  PP-M8

Product Description

Microscope only. Touchscreen computer, tablet and smartphone not included.

User Interface

Precipoint's M8 serves as a dual microscope and scanner with all features accessible via a touch screen computer – making it a truly digital microscope. The intuitive software allows for easy navigation through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers. With everything automated and digitized, there is no need for oculars and manual focus knobs. Work with a touchscreen computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and examine the sample with your own hands, literally.

Precision M8 User Interface

Live Stitching

The Live Stitching feature instantly combines multiple pictures taken at the resolution of the objective to produce one single, full-screen image. Have an overview of the entire microscope slide within seconds and an amazing large field of view. Focusing and brightness correction is automatic with PreciPoint';s M8 to produce a high resolution image.

Precision M8 Live Stitching

Remote Control

The M8 microscope enables you to work from anywhere at anytime. Access and operate the M8 remotely and in real-time (telepathology); connect, share and discuss your findings with your colleagues and specialists from all over the world.

Microscope Specifications
Overview picture; bar code recognition possible
1x-350x Zoom and Live-Stitching makes changing objectives unnecessary
Transmitted light; supported objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x. Ask us for detailed specifications
Automated x-y-stage 25 x 75mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75mm (1 slide)
Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking
Optional software based applications and analytics
Specification: 45cm x 40cm x 30cm; 25kg
Engineered and manufactured in Germany
Computer & Software
Recommended: Dell or ASUS All-In-One & Multitouch, Win 8.1. or 10
Connection from computer to M8: USB 3.0
Image formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, VMIC, HTML
Annotations, Measurements & Image Manipulations: CSV / XLS, VPA, FPF
Software included
Digitization & Scanning
Scans (full or parts) and screen shots created within 60 seconds
15 x 15mm: 4min (40x magnification)
4 different scanning modes (quality, speed)
Resolution: 20x, 0.5 NA: 0.32 μm / Pixel; 40x, 0.75 NA: 0.16 μm / Pixel
Remote and real-time access

Additional Information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 12 in


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