Q-scope QS.MS20 Metal Gooseneck Stand

Q-scope QS.MS20 Metal Gooseneck Stand

Brand: Q-scope Accessories
Product Code: QS.MS20
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Product Description

Q-scope stand with flexible gooseneck arm and fixed positioner

The Q-scope Metal Gooseneck Stand is a perfect positioning tool for extended working distances and can be positioned very easily in order to examine the object with the Q-scope microscope. The flexible gooseneck arm with fixed positioner can be bent and twisted into many positions while the uniquely shaped stand provides the necessary stability.

The Q-scope can be used with different types of stands, depending on your type of application

DETAILS Q-scope stand Q-scope Metal ;Gooseneck stand with fixed positioner
Ergonomic hands-free operation. Large working distance and positioning options. Designed for maximum flexibility. ergonomic stable design
Applications All
STAND Features Extended reach, portable, fixed positioner, ergonomic design
Dimensions (w) 329 x (l) 138 x (h) 265 mm
Working distance 0 – 120 mm
Weight 580 grams
Compatible with All Q-scope models
Package contents Stand, fixed positioner holder, wrench, cable guiding clamp, user manual

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in


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