Scienscope MZ7A Micro Zoom System on Dual Arm Boom Stand with 4K HDMI SmartCam, Diffused Compact LED Ring Light & 23″ HD LCD Monitor

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The Scienscope MZ7 Micro Zoom series can provide a high magnification image without chromatic aberration and distortion. Detented zoom for repeatable magnification settings and built-in internal focus module are perfect for FOV measurement applications as well as general inspection. Modular design allows you to interchange couplers and objective lenses to vary magnification, FOV, and working distance.

Image is for illustrative purposes – ships with 4K HDMI SmartCam


Mounting adapter for SmartCam Systems
Ring Light Adapter For MZ7 Lens
Glass master for smart camera
0.5x coupler for high resolution micro zoom lens

MZ7A High Resolution Micro Zoom Lens Specifications
Micro Lens Zoom Range 0.7X – 4.5X
Magnification Range 4.7X – 1295.4X
Zoom Ratio 1:6.5
Field of View 91mm – 0.4mm
Working Distance 35mm – 302mm
Focus & Zoom Control Manual
Video Mount C-Mount
Camera Format 1/2″
Available coupler 0.5X, 0.67X, 1X, and 2X
Available objective lens 0.25X, 0.5X, 0.75X, and 2X

Dual Arm Boom Stand Features:

  • Linear ball bearings provide smooth gliding motion. Ideal for image capturing.
  • Designed to support large research grade microscopes as well as smaller units.
  • Ideal for assembly and rework applications.
Total Weight 40lbs
Dimensions of Base 10.25″ x 11.25″ x 0.7″
Horizontal Arm 20″ Length; 0.8″ Diameter
Vertical Post 15″ Length; 1.47″ Diameter
Mounting Dowel 5/8″ Standard Diameter
Tip Over Weight 21 lb
Safety Collar Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Focus Mount Specifications
Hole Diameter 76mm – Standard Size
End Adapter 5/8″ (15.875mm) – Standard Size
Focusing Travel Distance ±1″
Warranty 1 Year

4K HDMI SmartCam

  • Easy to use wireless remote
  • 4K camera at 8MP resolution
  • Sensor: 2/3″ CMOS / 1/1.9″ CMOS
  • 2.5µm / 1.85µm Pixel Size
  • HDMI v1.4 Interface
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Max 30FPS
  • Connect, view and control via WiFi
  • Simple color temperature presets
  • 64GB TF Card Maximum
  • DC of 12V 1A

Diffused LED Adjustable Ring Light Features:

  • UV-Free.
  • 360° multi-point LED’s.
  • Built-in transformer.
  • Less reflection on specular surface.
Luminosity/Brightness 2.2kfc
Color temperature 3500k
Power input 90-265VAC
Power output 22VDC
Inner diameter 2.3″
Power cord length 1.5M
Life 50,000h
Watt 6W
Number of LED’s 60
Light Intensity Control Yes
Warranty 1 Year

23″ LCD 1080p HD Monitor

  • Doubles working distance and magnification for any C or C/S mount video lens or coupler
  • 1080p Resolution @ 60fps
  • Includes HDMI Cable
Magnification Table: MZ7 Video Specifications
Objective Lens W.D. (mm) Video Couplers
0.5X 0.67X 1X 2X
Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm) Mag F.O.V. (mm)
0.25X 302mm 6.1X – 39.3X 91.4 – 14.2 8.2X – 52.6X 68.2 – 10.6 12.2X – 78.6X 45.7 – 7.1 24.4X – 157.2X 22.9 – 3.6
0.5X 176mm 12.2X – 78.6X 45.7-7.1 16.4X – 105.3X 34.1 – 5.3 24.4X – 157.2X 22.8 – 3.6 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.7
0.75X 117mm 18.3X – 117.9X 30.5 – 4.5 24.6X – 157.9X 22.7 – 3.5 36.7X – 235.7X 15.2 – 2.4 73.3X – 471.5X 7.6 – 1.2
1X 96mm 24.4X – 157.2X 22.8 – 3.6 32.8X – 210.6X 17.1 – 2.7 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.8 97.8X – 628.7X 5.7 – 0.9
2X 35mm 48.9X – 314.3X 11.4 – 1.8 65.5X – 421.2X 8.5 – 1.3 97.8X – 628.7X 5.7 – 0.9 195.6X – 1257.3X 2.8 – 0.4

* Packaged Specifications: Mag. = Magnification, F.O.V. = Field of View, W.D. = Working Distance


Scienscope 2x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-20 $169.95
Scienscope 0.75x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-07 $169.95
Scienscope 0.5x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-05 $169.95
Scienscope 0.25x Auxiliary Lens for MZ7A Micro-Zoom Series
Product Code: SCSMZ7A-LA-02 $169.95

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